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Re: [CAMM-3] Re: Problem with Z axis when usind Techsoft 2D Design

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  • pejohnson@talk21.com
    Hope this worked from my phone. Pic shows dip settings. I use the Roland driver rwd030_25d_driver_forwindowsxp2000v362 Just had a play, if you send as a plot
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 29, 2012
    Hope this worked from my phone. Pic shows dip settings. I use the Roland driver rwd030_25d_driver_forwindowsxp2000v362

    Just had a play, if you send as a plot file from techsoft it does lift at corners etc however if you send as a print and go to the advanced settings for material setting, cutting speed, colours for depth etc it machines in one go.

    Let us know how you get on.
    On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 10:04 PM GMT dustee1000 wrote:

    > Thanks for your reply. I`ve already tied the method you have sugested but using a 1.00mm contour and selected the contour to cut. It still raises the tool when it encounters a radius. Since reading your message, i tried your sugestion of using the layer function - same problem. I`ve tried two laptops and a PC on the PNC3000 - same problem. I`ve tried the same laptops and PC on a PNC3100 and the problem dosen`t occur. I`ve used version 1 and version 2 Techsoft.
    > Is it a problem with how the PNC3000 is set up? perhaps the DIP switches or the firmware. A friend has the PNC3000 and has not encountered this problem using Techsoft. It`s as if my machine is behaving like a plotter and is using a pen up command even though i have the correct machine setup.
    > Regards Garry
    >--- In CAMM-3@yahoogroups.com, "pejohnson@..." <pejohnson@...> wrote:
    > Im not at work this week so cant play BUT im pretty sure that it is because the lines are seen as indiviual lines (you worked that bit out and have tried changing to paths yes?) Well rather than changing to paths
    > group your drawing (work out the best way to do this when you read the following)
    > have your drawing on layer 1
    > change the draw colour of lines (this will make things easier)
    > select the contour tool (either a selected object or to draw a closed contour depending on how you can apply this o your drawing)
    > set the contour to 0.00mm
    > This will draw 1 path and it should be selected, while it is, click layer at the top and stick it on another layer.
    > This should sort your problem out.
    > Let us know it has been a while since I did this. What version of 2D are you using??
    > Another thing (not to do with your problem), have you gone into the machine settings on 2D? you can play with the machine feed rates, I think they are set quite reserved as default and you can really ramp up maching speed, clearance can be changed to reduce travel etc too.
    > Pete
    > --- In CAMM-3@yahoogroups.com, "dustee1000" <dustee1000@> wrote:
    > >
    > > Could someone help me with a problem i have running 2D Design on my PNC300.
    > > The machine will not cut a continuous path. Every time the tool encounters a change in direction the tool lifts off and re-enters where it left off and carries on cutting until it reaches another change in direction, and lifts off again.
    > > All the lines have been drawn using the attach tool, and i`ve "grouped" the drawing and selected "make path" but the same result.
    > > I`ve run the same PC on a PNC3100 and it works fine.
    > > A simple tool path i`ve tested the machine on, is a straight line to a radius (in the shape of a letter "j")The radius was attached to the end of the line. The tool lifts off before it starts cutting the radius.
    > > I`ve been using 2 D Design with the PNC3100 for about 8 years now and have always found it to work well.
    > > Garry
    > >
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