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  • Dj Ohart
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2011
      How have you been? I found this new site that�s all about this new financial market called BINARY OPTIONS!!! Its actually unbelievable! It give traders the ability to focus solely on making correct predictions and, consequently, making money! Predicting whether whatever you choose will go up or down in any given time that you also choose. You can choose from currencies, commodities, indices and stocks!!! The only risk is what you stake, its not like forex where you can stake $20 and lose $10,000! You can only lose the stake, like having a sports bet. They use real time live and official Bloomberg prices. Anyways, I already MADE 150� in only a few trades so I figured I would fill you in on this site and how crazy it is! You have to try it. Get ready to make a lot of $$!
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