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Re: problem at beginning of job, 'surge', then grrrr.....

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  • Kim Galibert
    so, i m finally getting to this tonight. unfortunately, the pnc3100 doesn t have the led indicators referred to in the manual in the files section. there s
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 15, 2007
      so, i'm finally getting to this tonight. unfortunately, the pnc3100
      doesn't have the led indicators referred to in the manual in the files

      there's just 2 leds, one on the control surface, the other on the
      controller, both flash, the control surface one more slowly.

      would any of the group members be interested in testing one of my
      output files for a fee? (they are 3d scans of nude women, if that
      makes a difference one way or the other).

      that way i can tell for sure if this is a machine problem or a code issue.



      --- In CAMM-3@yahoogroups.com, "Randall" <rlogan@...> wrote:
      > --- In CAMM-3@yahoogroups.com, "Kim Galibert" <kim@> wrote:
      > > that's just about exactly it. i use copy /b to send the plot file to
      > > the camm3. the spindle starts, the rpm's settle down, often there is
      > > a 10-30 second wait, then, just at the head starts to move down, the
      > > spindle speed seems to surge up, the machine spins down, the head
      > > returns to the upmost position. there are only 2 led's - one on the
      > > base unit, which is flashing rapidly, and one on the control surface,
      > > which flashes steadily.
      > >
      > > i opened it up, although it isn't pristine, it wasn't too nasty
      > > inside. i used some ptfe lube on the worm gear, which was gunky in
      > > places, although it didn't seem to impede the movement in any way.
      > >
      > > i have many theories, none of which really seem to cut it. in no
      > > particular order:
      > >
      > > the head may be 'topping' out? it kinda seems like the head may be
      > > moving too far up the z axis.
      > >
      > > the software is setting a feed or spindle rate which is making the
      > > machine unhappy. (there are jobs which seem to work most of the time,
      > > and others which seem to bomb almost all of the time)
      > >
      > > returning to the home position before starting the job somehow affects
      > > it. (i have had occasional luck having the head start off to the side
      > > and below the z-0 point. in this case the head moves immediately to
      > > the work area without issue. unfortunately, this is unrepeatable.)
      > >
      > > thanks again for the help,
      > >
      > > kim
      > >
      > > ps: do you have any good sources for bits? i'm mainly machining
      > > acrylic and wood.
      > >
      > Oops, I thought I posted a response to this earlier but I must have
      > forgotten to hit the send button..... here it goes again....
      > Well, from your latest description of the problem it doesn't seem like
      > the lubrication was the issue.
      > The problem seems more to do with a range, setup, or invalid command.
      > If you check the files section of this group you will find the user
      > manual. Download section 4 and check page 4-7 for the flashing LED
      > error messages - this may provide a clue as to what is happening with
      > your setup. I think these error messages apply to the PNC-2500 as
      > well, but I'm not 100% certain.
      > Let us know what you find out.
      > Randall
    • dustee100051
      Try checking the brushes in the spindle motor
      Message 2 of 6 , May 20, 2011
        Try checking the brushes in the spindle motor

        --- In CAMM-3@yahoogroups.com, "Kim Galibert" <kim@...> wrote:
        > i've had a pretty consistent error with my pnc-3100.
        > a job will start, machine will spin up, then the head begins to move
        > down it is as if there is a surge in the bit speed, the machine (i
        > assume) detects an error condition, then flashes lights until power is
        > cycled.
        > this happens with jobs which have previously run properly, although it
        > seems that some jobs are more prone to issues. i've been creating
        > .rol files using modela or deskproto, i have problems with both.
        > it's driving me nuts, any tips?
        > thanks!
        > kim
        > ps: although my machine is marked pnc-3100, the controller is marked
        > pnc-2500.
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