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Riverside Co. "Big Non-Weekend", Part 2

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  • MiriamEagl@aol.com
    Hi, all! Headed over to Coachella Valley Preserve first thing, where Cactus Wren songs filled the air and a Black-tailed Gnatcatcher scolded. It was still
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2002
      Hi, all!

      Headed over to Coachella Valley Preserve first thing, where Cactus Wren songs
      filled the air and a Black-tailed Gnatcatcher scolded. It was still early
      and the lovely oasis rather cool, but in the marsh area kicked up two
      lingering winterers: Lincoln's Sparrow and Hermit Thrush. Back at the camp
      hosts' place a covey of Gambel's Quail were nosing around the camper, and a
      Pacific-slope Flycatcher called as I made a last-minute trip to the restroom.
      A Wilson's Warbler decided to pop up back here as well.

      I hadn't braved the Whitewater River Mouth in awhile, so since the gate was
      open I tootled on down there, adding Abert's Towhee and Verdin on the fly.
      At the end of the road I was initially pretty disappointed: the place looked
      DEAD! But I walked towards the water a little, and heard the distinct
      "chur-LIK" of a Snowy Plover, and there he was, along with a couple of
      Semipals and a Black-bellied! Kicked up a pair of Lesser Nighthawks while I
      was at it, doing their funny little whinny call which I had never heard
      "live" before! Upon closer inspection I found plenty of peeps along the
      shore, and Eared Grebes out in the water. Picked up several Yellow-headed
      Blackbirds along the road on the way back to the main drag.

      Decided to check out the end of 81st Street as well (should have done that
      first), and was glad I did: besides close egrets, stilts, and avocets, lots
      of Forster's Terns had the dead trees staked out, and a pair of Gull-billed
      Terns complained on the shoreline! Several coots and a Moorhen were in the
      channel along the road, along with a poor Mallard with a broken beak. Also
      scared up a Spotted Sandpiper, and the biggest surprise, a Red-shouldered
      Hawk, went batting away just before I left the area! Some holding ponds on
      the way out had several Redheads.

      I kept hearing about "Johnson Street" from other Salton Sea trip reports, so
      decided to check it out; a Loggerhead Shrike was the only thing new for the
      trip, but the White Pelicans were astounding! Several flocks of close to 100
      birds each caught thermals and were slowly circling upwards and weaving in
      and out of each other's flock; just an awesome sight! At the end of the road
      were several Great Blue Heron nests and lots more pelicans, as well as
      Double-crested Cormorants, coots, and whatnot. The dead trees against the
      hazy Sea created an eerie landscape.

      Headed on down to the Rec Area, where it was pretty sparse except for a few
      Ring-billed Gulls, but a couple of Vaux's Swifts flew by, which was nice for
      the trip. Headed over to Dos Palmas after that, picking up plenty of
      White-winged Doves on the way. Even at mid-day, this was a great stop:
      migrants were still active, especially on the back side, where I pulled out
      two Townsend's and a single Black-throated Gray Warbler, in addition to more
      Black-headed Grosbeaks and Western Tanagers, the latter which were flowing
      through in numbers. A Brewer's Sparrow sang from a distant fenceline, and on
      the way back to the car picked up a Cassin's Vireo and a stunning
      MacGillivray's Warbler; with that I realized I had seen all the
      regularly-occuring warblers! A quick stop along the "San Andreas Fault Road"
      to pull a Coke from the cooler added Say's Phoebe, making the trip total a
      whopping 143 species! Had to pay for it by battling a downpour on the
      freeway on the way back....

      Bird List:

      Common Loon Gavia immer
      Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps
      Eared Grebe Podiceps nigricollis
      Western Grebe Aechmophorus occidentalis
      American White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
      Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus
      Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias
      Great Egret Ardea alba
      Snowy Egret Egretta thula
      Green Heron Butorides virescens
      Black-crowned Night-Heron Nycticorax nycticorax
      White-faced Ibis Plegadis chihi
      Wood Duck Aix sponsa
      Mallard Anas platyrhynchos
      Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera
      Northern Shoveler Anas clypeata
      Redhead Aythya americana
      Lesser Scaup Aythya affinis
      Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis
      Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura
      Red-shouldered Hawk Buteo lineatus
      Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni
      Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis
      American Kestrel Falco sparverius
      Mountain Quail Oreortyx pictus
      California Quail Callipepla californica
      Gambel's Quail Callipepla gambelii
      Ring-necked Pheasant Phasianus colchicus
      Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
      American Coot Fulica americana
      Black-necked Stilt Himantopus mexicanus
      American Avocet Recurvirostra americana
      Black-bellied Plover Pluvialis squatarola
      Semipalmated Plover Charadrius semipalmatus
      Killdeer Charadrius vociferus
      Snowy Plover Charadrius alexandrinus
      Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago
      Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus
      Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus
      Long-billed Curlew Numenius americanus
      Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularia
      Western Sandpiper Calidris mauri
      Least Sandpiper Calidris minutilla
      Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor
      Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis
      California Gull Larus californicus
      Bonaparte's Gull Larus philadelphia
      Gull-billed Tern Sterna nilotica
      Caspian Tern Sterna caspia
      Forster's Tern Sterna forsteri
      Rock Dove Columba livia
      Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura
      White-winged Dove Zenaida asiatica
      Common Ground-Dove Columbina passerina
      Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus
      Lesser Nighthawk Chordeiles acutipennis
      Vaux's Swift Chaetura vauxi
      White-throated Swift Aeronautes saxatalis
      Black-chinned Hummingbird Archilochus alexandri
      Anna's Hummingbird Calypte anna
      Acorn Woodpecker Melanerpes formicivorus
      Nuttall's Woodpecker Picoides nuttallii
      Downy Woodpecker Picoides pubescens
      Hairy Woodpecker Picoides villosus
      Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus
      Western Wood-Pewee Contopus sordidulus
      Pacific-slope Flycatcher Empidonax difficilis
      Black Phoebe Sayornis nigricans
      Say's Phoebe Sayornis saya
      Ash-throated Flycatcher Myiarchus cinerascens
      Western Kingbird Tyrannus verticalis
      Tree Swallow Tachycineta bicolor
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis
      Cliff Swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota
      Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
      American Pipit Anthus rubescens
      Phainopepla Phainopepla nitens
      Cactus Wren Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus
      Rock Wren Salpinctes obsoletus
      Bewick's Wren Thryomanes bewickii
      House Wren Troglodytes aedon
      Marsh Wren Cistothorus palustris
      Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottos
      California Thrasher Toxostoma redivivum
      Western Bluebird Sialia mexicana
      Hermit Thrush Catharus guttatus
      American Robin Turdus migratorius
      Wrentit Chamaea fasciata
      Black-tailed Gnatcatcher Polioptila melanura
      Bushtit Psaltriparus minimus
      Mountain Chickadee Poecile gambeli
      Oak Titmouse Baeolophus inornatus
      Pygmy Nuthatch Sitta pygmaea
      White-breasted Nuthatch Sitta carolinensis
      Verdin Auriparus flaviceps
      Loggerhead Shrike Lanius ludovicianus
      Steller's Jay Cyanocitta stelleri
      Western Scrub-Jay Aphelocoma californica
      American Crow Corvus brachyrhynchos
      Common Raven Corvus corax
      European Starling Sturnus vulgaris
      House Sparrow Passer domesticus
      Cassin's Vireo Vireo cassinii
      Warbling Vireo Vireo gilvus
      Purple Finch Carpodacus purpureus
      House Finch Carpodacus mexicanus
      Lesser Goldfinch Carduelis psaltria
      Lawrence's Goldfinch Carduelis lawrencei
      American Goldfinch Carduelis tristis
      Orange-crowned Warbler Vermivora celata
      Nashville Warbler Vermivora ruficapilla
      Yellow Warbler Dendroica petechia
      Yellow-rumped Warbler Dendroica coronata
      Black-throated Gray Warbler Dendroica nigrescens
      Townsend's Warbler Dendroica townsendi
      Hermit Warbler Dendroica occidentalis
      MacGillivray's Warbler Oporornis tolmiei
      Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas
      Wilson's Warbler Wilsonia pusilla
      Yellow-breasted Chat Icteria virens
      Western Tanager Piranga ludoviciana
      Spotted Towhee Pipilo maculatus
      California Towhee Pipilo crissalis
      Abert's Towhee Pipilo aberti
      Brewer's Sparrow Spizella breweri
      Black-chinned Sparrow Spizella atrogularis
      Sage Sparrow Amphispiza belli
      Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis
      Song Sparrow Melospiza melodia
      Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii
      White-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys
      Black-headed Grosbeak Pheucticus melanocephalus
      Blue Grosbeak Guiraca caerulea
      Red-winged Blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus
      Tricolored Blackbird Agelaius tricolor
      Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta
      Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus
      Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus
      Great-tailed Grackle Quiscalus mexicanus
      Brown-headed Cowbird Molothrus ater
      Hooded Oriole Icterus cucullatus
      Bullock's Oriole Icterus bullockii
      Scott's Oriole Icterus parisorum

      143 SPECIES

      Mary Beth Stowe
      San Diego, CA

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