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California eBird--Interesting county stats

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  • Brian Sullivan
    Hello Calbirders It s been tremendous watching California eBird participation grow over the past years, and this year is already shaping up to be a good one.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2012
      Hello Calbirders

      It's been tremendous watching California eBird participation grow over the
      past years, and this year is already shaping up to be a good one. Thanks to
      all of your hard work, we are off to a great start in Jan, with nearly 8000
      checklists already submitted in the state. I would love to break the
      mythical 20k checklists/month barrier at some point this year.

      Recently I've been looking at the number of checklist submissions by
      county. If we look at all-time checklist submissions to eBird, the top 10
      counties rank as follows:

      Los Angeles = 60904
      San Diego = 35281
      Santa Cruz = 33362
      San Mateo = 22917
      Marin = 22507
      Humboldt = 19616
      Monterey = 19467
      Sacramento = 19432
      Orange = 16763
      San Luis Obispo = 14667

      The counties with the fewest eBird checklists in California are as follows:

      Yuba = 608
      Alpine = 754
      Kings = 925
      Modoc = 1018
      Trinity = 1077
      Sutter = 1119
      Colusa = 1184
      Lassen = 1356
      Lake = 1392
      Stanislaus = 1439

      One thing to realize though, is that some CA counties are simply huge, and
      it's easier for a huge county to get a higher checklist total than it is a
      small one. Realizing this, I looked instead at the list again using the
      number of checklists submitted per area of ground cover in each county.
      Here's how it broke down.

      Highest checklist submissions/square mile area:

      San Francisco = 260
      Santa Cruz = 75
      San Mateo = 51
      Marin = 43
      Orange = 21
      Sacramento = 20
      Alameda = 19
      Los Angeles = 15
      Contra Costa = 13
      Santa Clara = 11

      Lowest checklist submissions/square mile area:

      Modoc = .26
      Lassen = .30
      Trinity = .34
      Fresno = .46
      Siskiyou = .54
      Tulare = .63
      San Bernardino = .65
      Kings = .67
      Madera = .71
      Tehama = .72

      For a visual representation of checklist submission/county in the US take a
      look at the maps created by Paul Hurtado using eBird data here:


      Overall California participation is great, so please keep the data coming
      in from all areas. If you're adventurous, and want to make a bigger impact
      in relatively underbirded areas, try visiting some of the counties listed
      above that have lower scores, and hopefully by next year we'll see a
      turn-around in many places.

      Thanks again for making eBird what it is today!


      *Brian L. Sullivan

      eBird/AKN Project Leader *

      *Photo Editor*
      Birds of North America Online
      North American Birds

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