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Re: [CALBIRDS] Marsh Sandpiper in Ensenada

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  • Monte
    Yes, of course, go for a tick mark on your list, and end up another blood (drug) cartel statistic.  Worse than burning fossil fuels for your tick mark on a
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2011
      Yes, of course, go for a tick mark on your list, and end up another blood (drug) cartel statistic.  Worse than burning fossil fuels for your tick mark on a piece of paper, play Russian roulette for your list total.  Even have a close friend who is extremely high on the Mexico list who says "no way" he's trying for it due to the dangers of going down there.
      You know, I hope you don't have to worry about your conscience if someone goes for the tick bird and comes back in a pine box, that is if he/she's corpse is even found.
      Maybe best to also note to use caution in 'chasing' a bird for one's list don't you think to somewhere who has a higher death rate recently from what's going on down there than Vietnam or World War I?
      Monte Taylor
      Orange County, CA

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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Marsh Sandpiper in Ensenada


      Just back from an 8-day trip down the Baja peninsula with Mark Billings and Steve Howell. Apart from the expected glut of eastern warblers and such, the obvious highlight was the juvenile Marsh Sandpiper that Mark spotted and Steve identified this morning in Ensenada. It was in the "Little Stint" pond near the town of Punta Banda, and was surprisingly approachable. I'll post photos later. If someone is interested in looking for the bird, take the road towards La Bufadora at the south end of Ensenada. Just before reaching Punta Banda, turn right on the road towards the string of homes along the spit bordering the estuary. Take the next right, so that the pond will be on your right. Loads of terns, skimmers, and avocets should be present, and hopefully the sandpiper.
      Other birds of note in the area included a Scarlet Tanager and a Baltimore Oriole in Punta Banda, and another Scarlet Tanager in a well-vegetated yard on the plain.

      Jim Pike
      Huntington Beach     


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