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Check out eBird Version 3 – The ultimate birding t ool

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  • Brian Sullivan
    Birders For many years now California has lead the way in making eBird the great project it is today. Thanks to all your efforts over the years, the data set
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2011
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      For many years now California has lead the way in making eBird the great
      project it is today. Thanks to all your efforts over the years, the data set
      for California is spectacular, and California stands an exemplar for how
      eBird should work in states across the country, and in countries around the
      world. Right now the team of nearly 40 editors in California are working on
      subdividing counties into smaller regions to improve data quality and the
      data entry process for users, and I'm really proud that California is on the
      cutting edge of turning birders' data into real science. Without all of your
      continued participation, and the hard work of all the editors vetting data
      across the state, this project simply could not exist. Thank you!

      We're now officially launching "eBird Version 3", with complete global
      coverage, streamlined data entry, and improved mapping tools. Take a look at
      the announcement below, and if you haven't tried eBird in a while, now is
      the time!

      Check out eBird Version 3 � The ultimate birding tool

      If you haven�t been to eBird (www.ebird.org) in a while, it�s time for
      another look. Over the past few months we�ve updated eBird so that it�s
      easier to use and more useful than ever to the birding community. eBird can
      help you find birds through our �Alerts� or by exploring our newly revised
      mapping tools and bar charts. Recording and keeping track of your birds is
      easier than ever with a completely redesigned data entry system and our
      automated listing pages (My eBird). Most importantly, you�ll become part of
      a growing community of tens of thousands of birders around the world whose
      data are now being used in real science and conservation. Best of all � it�s

      eBird Version 3 includes:

      � Global scope�enter and explore observations from anywhere around the

      � Streamlined data entry�getting your data into the system is faster
      and more customizable than ever

      � Improved range maps�explore interactive range maps for any bird in
      the world

      � Alerts system�get customized reports about birds of interest to you
      in a region

      � eBird Top 100�find out how your totals rank among other birders in
      any region

      � Birding + Science connection�by participating, your data become
      available to the science and conservations communities

      We�re proud of the new developments at eBird, and we hope you�ll take the
      time to take the new tools for a test spin. Even if you don�t enter data,
      you can still explore the information submitted by other eBirders. Moving
      forward we�ll continue to develop eBird as the ultimate tool to serve the
      birding community, while always ensuring that the data we collect for
      science is of the highest possible quality. Join the flock, become an

      *Brian L. Sullivan

      eBird/AKN Project Leader *

      *Photo Editor*
      Birds of North America Online
      North American Birds

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