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Re: [CALBIRDS] Monterey Seabirds trips

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  • Douglas Aguillard
    The Policy of Calbirds has always been to alloow the annocuncements of all Pelagics trips in California waters, and reports of the observations from those
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 17, 2011
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      The Policy of Calbirds has always been to alloow the annocuncements of all
      Pelagics trips in California waters, and reports of the observations from
      those trips are always welcome. This has never been an issue with Calbirds.

      Doug Aguillard
      San Diego, CA

      On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Bob Barnes <bbarnes@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Roger:
      > Assuming a "this thread is now closed" message
      > will eventually come up, I wanted to take the
      > opportunity to respond ahead of it.
      > I appreciate the pelagic trip announcements and
      > results postings (mega-rarities or not) by Terry
      > Hunefeld, Todd McGrath, Debbie Shearwater, and
      > others (e.g.: birding festivals, San Luis Obispo
      > County birders, Santa Clara Valley Audubon
      > Society). I see it as a service to birders. I
      > highly encourage you to do the same on a consistent basis.
      > Pelagic trips need a bottom-line number of people
      > paying a bottom-line number of dollars in order
      > to go. Letting birders know through list servs is
      > a great way to reach the most active birders. If
      > through offering pelagic trips an individual,
      > non-profit, or for-profit benefits, all the
      > better. If those who offer pelagic trips
      > consistently don't get enough participants to
      > break even or better, they will stop offering them, to the detriment of
      > all.
      > I have heard great comments on Monterey Seabirds
      > pelagic trips from birders who have gone on them.
      > Please let people know of your offerings and post
      > trip reports so more people can choose to go on future trips if they wish.
      > Bob Barnes
      > Ridgecrest, Kern County, CA
      > At 07:39 AM 8/17/2011, Roger Wolfe wrote:
      > >Ahoy Calbirders,
      > >
      > >The past couple of years I've tried to exercise restraint with my
      > >posting of pelagic trip announcements so as not to feel like I'm
      > >spamming everyone. I have also not posted trip reports for Monterey
      > >Seabirds unless we've seen something exceptional.
      > >
      > >We've got a trip that is going this weekend with only ten people signed
      > >up. Perhaps keeping a low profile was a mistake on my part?
      > >
      > >So here's a heads up to you photographers out there who would like to do
      > >a seabird trip with a small number of people on board. There will be
      > >plenty of room for panning with a big lens. It is my double nickel
      > >birthday trip and I've asked for a Hawaiian Petrel in Santa Cruz county.
      > >
      > >We will be on board the Pt. Sur Clipper which I submit is the vessel
      > >that has recorded more megararities than any other boat on the west
      > >coast of North America.
      > >
      > >The Clipper will be leaving the dock this Saturday at 7:30am. Cost is
      > >$120 and there will be no fuel surcharges on any of our trips.
      > >
      > >Matthew Dodder, fresh off the sighting of HAWAIIAN PETREL near the
      > >Farallones last Sat., will be on board along with Martijn Verdoes, Blake
      > >Matheson and the author of Monterey Birds Don Roberson. Please join us!
      > >
      > >We also have trips on the schedule for the following weekend. The
      > >"Classic" 12 hour Albacore Grounds trip is in need of more participation
      > >and I'm puzzled why we don't have more birders signed up for this trip.
      > >After all we have seen some great birds like STREAKED SHEARWATER (3
      > >PUFFIN and last year a GREAT-WINGED PETREL. The cost for this trip is a
      > >very reasonable $150. This is the only 12 hour trip on our schedule this
      > >year on Saturday, Aug. 27 5:30 to 5:30. This is the favorite trip of all
      > >our leaders and offers the best chance for seeing offshore migrants like
      > >
      > >That trip will be followed up on Sunday, Aug. 28 with a regular 8 hour
      > >trip priced at $120. That one looks like another small group at this
      > >point. Those from out of the area should see most of the hoped for
      > >species over the course of these two trips.
      > >
      > >You can register by calling 831 375-4658 or online at
      > ><http://www.montereyseabirds.com>http://www.montereyseabirds.com
      > >
      > >We'll have the young Alex Rinkert on board to chum and will be employing
      > >some of the techniques I learned from the Brit Bob Flood who was part of
      > >the team that rediscovered the New Zealand Storm-Petrel a few years back.
      > >
      > >Hope you can make it,
      > >Roger Wolfe for Monterey Seabirds
      > >Soquel Canyon, CA
      > >
      > >
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      Doug Aguillard
      National City, CA

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