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SD/LA pelagic: Dark-rumped & Cook's, Laysan, 7 tropicbirds

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  • Barbara Carlson
    The double-overnight pelagic trip aboard Grande from 7AM Mon to 7AM Weds (15-17 Aug) to the edge of the continental shelf well southwest of San Diego (in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2011
      The double-overnight pelagic trip aboard "Grande" from 7AM Mon to 7AM Weds
      (15-17 Aug) to the edge of the continental shelf well southwest of San
      Diego (in both San Diego and, mostly, Los Angeles County waters) recorded
      some excellent birds. Inshore it was calm and with just a light breeze; out
      at the edge of the shelf there was a 15-20mph NW wind (good for
      pterodromas!) and moderate swell and chop. Highlights included:

      As we left port Monday AM, there were THREE AMERICAN-type OYSTERCATCHERS (2
      Americans and 1 hybrid-type is our best guess!) and 1 Black Oystercatcher
      at Ballast Point.

      Inshore, Monday, we birded 9-Mile Bank and 30-Mile Bank, then headed SW. At
      the shelf-edge, Tuesday, we worked a ca. 44-nm line from NW to SE, mostly
      87-95+nm south of San Clemente Island or 130-140nm SW of Point Loma.

      DARK-RUMPED PETREL: around mid-day Tuesday, 1 flew by the bow and quickly
      away, seen adequately by only several on board, and as a "large pterodroma"
      by most others
      COOK'S PETREL: 1 seen well by almost everyone near the back of the boat
      early on Tuesday
      LAYSAN ALBATROSS: 1 came in to the boat with Black-foots Tues AM
      RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD: total of SEVEN (!) seen on trip, one late Monday
      near Butterfly Bank, 5 in one relatively short stretch along shelf-edge
      Tuesday AM, and 1 on the way back in late Tues; excellent views of several
      of them right around boat
      WILSON'S STORM-PETREL: 1 made a single pass past the bow and continued away
      in San Diego County waters on Monday, 17.5nm W of Point Loma

      Other species seen include:
      Western Grebe: 1 swimming in ocean 17.5 miles offshore (!) on Monday
      Black-footed Albatross: ca. 7 total, though difficult to determine total
      due to constant presence of birds behind the boat on Tues
      Leach's Storm-Petrel: 150+ total, including many dark-rumped; 2 in SD Co.
      Ashy Storm-Petrel: 3 SD waters, 3 LA waters
      1600 Black Storm-Petrels: 1500 of which in one raft on 9-Mile Bank
      Least Storm-Petrel: 1 briefly seen by few in the large BLSP raft
      Xantus's Murrelet: 3 scrippsi near 30-mile Bank and 2 HYPOLEUCUS at shelf
      Rhinoceros Auklet: 3 unseasonal birds total, 2 SD, 1 LA
      Sabine's Gull: 15, including several birds starting only 2-3 miles off Pt
      Long-tailed Jaeger: 11 total, with 4 in SD Co. waters
      Arctic Tern: 4
      plus the usual Pink-foots, Sooties, Pomarines, phalaropes, Cassin's, 15
      Common Terns, etc., and 2 landbirds landed on board--Eurasian Collared-Dove
      and Brown-headed Cowbird....

      In all, good numbers of birds at 9-Mile and 30-Mile Banks and then the
      usual long stretches with relatively few birds as one got well offshore,
      but there certainly was fine quality!!!

      --Paul Lehman, San Diego

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