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Breaking News: Storm-Petrels

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  • Debra Shearwater
    Hello, Birders, Further to my morning post— I ve just received the following news from researchers on the Farallon Islands— For the first time since 1992,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2011
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      Hello, Birders,

      Further to my morning post� I've just received the following news
      from researchers on the Farallon Islands� For the first time since
      1992, researchers have banded a FORK-TAILED STORM-PETREL on Southeast
      Farallon Islands. And, more stunningly, they netted a GUADALUPE
      LEACH'S STORM-PETREL at Lighthouse HIll, Farallon Islands! To our
      knowledge, this is the first record for this "species" in this part
      of California.

      You can see images of the Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel in hand at Annie
      Schmidt's blog:


      Shearwater Journeys' pelagic trips departing from Half Moon Bay found
      many rafts and flocks of storm-petrels on our 2010 trips. Naturally,
      we will be targeting these flocks on our trips this coming weekend.
      With the sea conditions forecast to be great, we may have a good
      chance for storm-petrel flocks. Oddly enough, we rarely, if ever,
      find storm-petrel flocks on our trip that actually goes to the
      Farallon Islands. On the Half Moon Bay departures, if it is clear, we
      usually see the islands in the distance. So, it must be that the
      storm-petrel food concentrates in this area that is more approachable
      from Half Moon Bay � or, at least that was my observation in 2010.
      The September departures from Half Moon Bay could also prove
      tantalizing. Those trips are filling up rapidly.

      For the July 30, 31, and August 1 trips, we will have on board expert
      chummer, Wes Fritz. We WILL be sitting and waiting for those seabirds
      to fly in to the good stuff chum that only Wes can mix. Is there such
      a thing as a "chum mixologist," as in bar tender-type mixologist? A
      mixologist implies a special expertise and professionalism, someone
      who creates special cocktails!

      See you out there.
      Shearwaters forever,

      Debra Shearwater
      Shearwater Journeys, Inc.
      PO Box 190
      Hollister, CA 95024

      SVALBARD: High Arctic Seabirds & Polar Bears, Walrus: 28 June-8 July,

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