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Morongo Sightings

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  • Dameron, Wanda
    A friend living in Yucca Valley reports: I went to Morongo last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2002
      A friend living in Yucca Valley reports:

      I went to Morongo last
      > week and had both hooded and bullock's. I've also just had hooded at my
      > place in YV. This morning the scott's had discovered the front
      > hummingbird feeder, and have been on it all day. May have to get an
      > oriole feeder.
      > I've had tons of rufous since we got here, though they seem to be
      > dropping off now as they move on north. Locals tell me they show up
      > again in July. I've been having 4 species of hummers, mostly the
      > rufous, then anna's, then just in the last 2 days a gorgeous costa's
      > male has been around, and occasionly a black chinned, but he is the
      > scarest.
      > Lots of other birds come, probably because it's so dry and there's
      > nothing blooming. Didn't expect to see cactus wrens, woodpeckers and
      > verdin hitting them so heavily.
      > Just started seeing a juniper hairstreak the last day of March, up in
      > the hills mostly on the mistletoe. Think it's a Loki Juniper hs, but
      > not positive. Thought at first it was a Nelson's, but Glassberg says
      > coniferous forest, which is not right for here. Today I saw some on
      > rosemary in neighbor yards, which is about the only thing blooming.
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