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Re: [CALBIRDS] Help with rare bird ID ?

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  • Jean Terry
    WOW Thanks Everyone for all the replies ) ! YES, I m now thinking it has to be the Night Heron! Everything fits really really well but the color. I m guessing
    Message 1 of 7 , May 9, 2011
      WOW Thanks Everyone for all the replies ") !

      YES, I'm now thinking it has to be the Night Heron!
      Everything fits really really well but the color. I'm guessing maybe they're
      two year old's with in between coloring as they don't fit the adult or the
      juvenile pictures? These definitely have some reddish coloring that is not
      in any of the online pics.
      I had also just plain overlooked 'Herons' generally because these guys are
      so stout and not long and leanish like all other Herons i recognise.
      That, and I didn't see the long Heron type legs while in flight or when they
      landed on the tree.
      The Night Heron's body is exactly like the birds here but what really
      clinched it for me was the recording of it's call.
      Funny I've never seen one of these birds before but they are 'night' birds
      so that's likely why.
      Thank You Thank You Guys again for all your inputs,
      Jean Terry
      Browns Valley

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      Dear Jean,

      Could they be (juvenile) Black-crowned Night-Herons? See here for some

      - Wim

      On May 9, 2011, at 11:09 AM, Jean Terry wrote:

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      > Subject: Help with rare bird ID ?
      > >
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > > I just joined this group because I have a pair of what I believe
      > may be
      > > rare (at least for here) birds that have just arrived here and I
      > can't
      > > figure out what they are. Hoping someone on this list may be able
      > to help.
      > > I am in the Yuba County foothills near the Yuba River. The two
      > birds flew
      > > around here for a while and then perched in a tall dead oak. They
      > are the
      > > size of medium to large hawks but they have beaks similar to a
      > ravens-
      > > quite large and completely straight and with a sleek head. They
      > have dark
      > > brown or graphite colored wings and ruddy breasts with maybe some
      > barring.
      > > Sitting in the tree with there backs to me they would often turn
      > their
      > > heads to the side resembling a Kingfisher outline but much larger.
      > When in
      > > flight they were fairly quick in their movements. While sitting
      > they were
      > > upright in their posture resembling a hawk.
      > > Anyone have any idea what they are or how I might find out? I
      > looked at
      > > every picture I can find online and I still don't even know what
      > family
      > > they're in.
      > > Thanks,
      > > Jean Terry,
      > > Browns Valley
      > >
      > >
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