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spring socal Pterodroma hunts

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  • Mitch H
    Hi Calbirders, N.B.(this message would likely be illegal at university listservs, like at birdchat) I would like to again invite y all on the incredible new
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      Hi Calbirders,

      N.B.(this message would likely be 'illegal' at
      university listservs, like at birdchat)

      I would like to again invite y'all on the incredible new Condor Express (water rocket) deepwater Pterodroma hunts. The spring trips which are targeting Cook's and Murphy's Petrels are April 27 and May 25. Last year
      we had multiple probables of both of these species, plus the well seen Dark-rumped Petrel (and 2 Laysan Albatross). We will be birding the Arguello Cyn. area, and off the edge of the shelf...

      At 20 (rough seas) to 30 (average seas) knots, we will transect 200-300 miles of deepwater during daylight hours. On the old Condor at 10 knots we only covered 100 miles of deepwater in daylight hours. So, in my view this
      increases our chances of finding them by 200-300 percent. We'll get further out, for longer duration, and cover 2-3 times as much territory (for only $25 more). The top speeds (43+ knots) will allow us to chase them down so everyone gets to see them...
      not just the 'hotrods' up top....

      The booth-style seating in the cabin, unlike the "Islander" which some of you have been on, are not bare seats, but 4" foam cushioned, so extremely comfortable by comparison. I can assure you you will find this vessel to be the most comfortable, state-of-the-art, fastest, high-tech boat you've ever birded on.

      Leaders on April 27 include Dr. Barney Schlinger, Don DesJardin, Bernardo Alps, Peter Cantle, and myself. May 25, Dave Pereksta
      will replace Dr. Schlinger. Both are eagle-eyes by any standard. There will be top level excellent seabirders on both trips besides the leaders.

      To find out more you can go to the Condor Express website at http://www.condorcruises.com
      or you can visit my site at http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/pelagics/CEPAGES.html
      There is a printable signup form there. You can also call Sea Landing (ph.# on my signup form page) and use a credit card there directly with them.... There is a map to the site on the condorcruises site.

      Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and I'll try to answer them best I can. There are no sleeping accomodations on the boat. So, you either have to get up early to be in S.Barb by about 4:30 a.m. or better, spend the night in a motel there....
      you can sleep when you're dead...:):):)

      hope to see you asea!
      Mitch Torrance,CA
      pelagic fanatic
      Mitch Heindel


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