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Volunteer for the Tricolored Blackbird Survey April 15-17

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  • Keiller
    Help us find Tricolored Blackbirds! This April, as part of our effort to help save one of California s most sensitive birds, volunteers will scour California
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2011
      Help us find Tricolored Blackbirds!

      This April, as part of our effort to help save one of California's most sensitive birds, volunteers will scour California for the rare Tricolored Blackbird. And we could use your help.

      Audubon California and the Tricolored Blackbird Working Group, with generous support from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, are conducting the triennial statewide survey to estimate the current population of this imperiled species. The survey will be held April 15 through 17. We are looking for volunteers to survey known, historical colony sites as well as scout for new, unknown colony sites that have escaped detection. No prior experience is necessary and any help, big or small, is welcome.

      To prepare for the survey, we will host three training sessions for volunteers to learn the basics (and not so basics) of surveying for North America's most colonial landbird. Wondering how to ID a Tricolored vs. a Red-winged Blackbird? Or how to accurately estimate the size of a 60,000 bird megacolony? These are the types of questions that will be answered at the training sessions. For those seasoned veterans of Tricolored Blackbird surveys past, we encourage you to attend to get updated information on survey protocol, meet your fellow volunteers, and help train the new recruits. The training sessions are not mandatory but are meant to be informative and get everyone on the same page.

      Training session dates are below. All the sessions will be the same so plan on attending the closest one:

      Yolo Bypass WA headquarters (Sacramento Valley)
      Date: March 12th, Saturday
      Time: 9:30am -11:30am

      San Jacinto WA (Southern California)
      Date: March 26th, Saturday (this is a change of date)
      Time: 9:30am -11:30am

      Los Banos Fish and Wildlife Office (San Joaquin Valley)
      Date: April 9th, Saturday
      Time: 9:30am-11:30am

      To take part in the survey, please contact Kellier Kyle, Audubon California's Tricolored Blackbird Conservation Coordinator, by email at kkyle@..., or by phone at(916) 649-7600, Ext. 114.
      Information will also be posted on the Tricolored Blackbird Portal

      Looking forward to seeing you out there!

      Keiller Kyle

      Tricolored Blackbird Conservation Coordinator

      Audubon California

      765 University Avenue, Suite 200

      Sacramento, CA 95825

      (916) 649-7600 ext 114 office

      (973) 262-4528 cell

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