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Re: [CALBIRDS] RFI Bakersfield Rose ringed Parakeets

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  • Bob Barnes
    Thor, et. al.: Hart Memorial Park along the Kern River on the outskirts of Bakersfield.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9 11:56 AM
      Thor, et. al.:

      Hart Memorial Park along the Kern River on the outskirts of Bakersfield.
      for directions.

      Hart Park is a 370-acre unit of 1012-acre Kern River County Park.

      Rose-ringed Parakeets are most easily heard and
      seen in the area between the main lake in the
      park and the river. They seem to particularly
      favor the sycamores in the park. I always find
      them most easily at the northeast corner of the
      main lake at the junction of Lake and Levee
      (interior park roads). However, you can pretty
      much hear them from anywhere in the park then go find them.

      NOTE: It is remarkable how such a bright,
      fair-sized, colorful parakeet can blend in with
      its surroundings. Since your visit will take
      place in January, many of the trees will be
      leafless, making observation perhaps easier for
      you than in spring, summer, and fall.

      For more on Bakersfield's Rose-ringed Parakeets
      visit Nature Ali's Rose-ringed Parakeets of Bakersfield web page:

      Bob Banes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      At 09:32 AM 12/9/2010, you wrote:
      >Hi California birders: I have recently read on
      >the web that Bakersfield has the largest
      >population of Rose ringed Parakeets in North
      >America. I am well aware that this is an exotic
      >bird, and not countable on any state, or ABA
      >lists. However, I always enjoy seeing new birds,
      >and, as I will be passing through this area, in
      >January, I would like to have an opportunity to see them.
      >Does anyone have any up-to-date information on
      >reliable spots/roosts where they can be seen?
      >Thanks for any information. Thor
      >Thor Manson
      >Oliver, British Columbia, Canada.

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