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Re: Brown Shrike- Clam Beach Vista overlook

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  • Chet ogan
    Brown Shrike. Humboldt County 3 Dec 2010 Clam Beach below the Vista Overlook I reiterate Leslie Tucci s concerns from yesterday. This bird is shy and easily
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2010
      Brown Shrike. Humboldt County 3 Dec 2010
      Clam Beach below the Vista Overlook

      I reiterate Leslie Tucci's concerns from yesterday.
      This bird is shy and easily flushed into hiding. Don't crowd the area where the
      bird is. Stay back. I was one of the lucky people to see this bird today with
      Leslie, refound today by Daryl Coldren. I have probably spent 30 hours looking
      for it over the past 3 weeks. My first impression was "Omigosh, how small"; my
      2nd impression was "OMG how bright the belly is"; I could see the white belly of
      the bird with my naked eye at 100 meters. With my binocs the belly appeared very
      white, the sides and head a very rich brown, the small dark beak was hooked at
      the tip. The general appearance is a very round - shaped bird. I never saw the
      back of the bird, so will not comment on any wing color or pattern, nor could I
      see any barring or streaking on the flanks, but I only got brief looks over the
      2 hour period during which the bird was seen between 11:15 and 13:15, was never
      able to scope the bird for a really good time. Daryl and Leslie commented on the
      bird twitching, flicking, or pumping its tail. The bird covered a quarter mile
      during this time from opposite and directly below the Vista Point to directly
      below the parking area on the Hammond Trail at the north end of the access road
      north along the west side of HWY 101 at Airport Road, McKinleyville, Humboldt,
      CA. The bird would fly only 2-3 meters high short distances of 5 - 40 meters,
      alight atop a short alder (less than 1 meter tall in most cases) for a brief
      time then duck below the top into the alder, sometimes 15 cm, sometimes 50 cm
      high in the bush.

      Others seeing this bird today: Daryl Coldren- refound it, Leslie Tucci, David
      Spangenberg, Tony Kurz, Phil from Ohio, Bill Bachman (Groveland, CA), David Fix,
      Elias Elias.

      This was not a lifer for me, I saw a Brown Shrike in Bangladesh in 1993 (eBird's
      200th country to have a list submitted), but nonetheless a good California

      Chet Ogan
      Eureka, Humboldt Co, CA When we try to pick out anything by itself,
      we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
      -John Muir

      The first precaution of intelligent ecological tinkering is to keep every cog
      and wheel.
      -Aldo Leopold

      A system of conservation based solely on economic self-interest is hopelessly
      -Aldo Leopold

      Chet Ogan

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