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Update on the WFO meeting in Palm Desert

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  • Nancy Kenyon
    ... Nancy Kenyon Irvine
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2010
      > If you are still up in the air about attending the WFO
      > meeting in Palm Desert (Oct. 13-17), don't stay in the air
      > too long. We lose our discounted hotel rate of $111.00
      > (up to 3 persons in a room) on October 1 at the Embassy
      > Suites in Palm Desert (760-340-6600). Our entire meeting
      > remains a very reasonable $89.00 for registration that
      > includes all science sessions, all experts identification
      > panels, Friday's reception and featured speaker at the
      > Living Desert, Friday & Saturday morning field trips, and
      > the opening reception on Thursday evening. There are
      > still wonderful full day and morning field trips that have
      > available space.
      > The meeting in Palm Desert offers a number of unique field
      > skills workshop opportunities. One of them is an
      > opportunity to take a condensed bird sounds identification
      > course from Sylvia Gallagher. Sylvia normally teaches her
      > amazing workshops in Huntington Beach, CA over a period of
      > 8 weeks. Just for this meeting she has agreed to set up a
      > mini version of her sounds workshop. This is your chance
      > to learn some new tricks for identifying birds in the
      > field or to brush up on your listening skills. This
      > course is for beginners as well as those who are seasoned
      > birders by ear.
      > You can also avail yourself of:
      > * Field recording with the incomparable Nathan Pieplow.
      > * Learn the techniques of skins preparation with a
      > dynamic crew of collections managers.
      > * Familiarize yourself with the nuances of
      > identification of California's winter plumage sparrows
      > * And, last but definitely not least, learn the fine
      > art of data mining with master miner, Ed Pandolfino
      > Take the time to go through the entire meeting offerings
      > and schedule by going to
      > www.westernfieldornithologists.org
      > <http://www.westernfieldornithologists.org> .
      > We hope to see you there.

      Nancy Kenyon
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