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RE: [LACoBirds] Piute Ponds

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  • Lori Conrad
    Hi all We just returned from a weekend in the desert oases as well. We had pretty much the same birds at Piute that Cal had, minus the Semipalms. California
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2010
      Hi all

      We just returned from a weekend in the desert oases as well. We had pretty
      much the same birds at Piute that Cal had, minus the Semipalms. California
      City this morning had quite a few regular western migrants, with Yellows
      dominating. At least a 1/2 dozen Red-breasted Nuthatches were in the pines
      on the "island" area. We also refound the female Black & White & the female
      Indigo Bunting that had been reported the day before by Dave Goodward.

      Now for Galileo Hill..it is not, repeat NOT closed to birders on the
      weekends, it's closed to GROUPS of birders on the weekends. Singles & pairs
      are welcome. We got there around 9 AM, went to check in like we hadn't
      heard, just to see what they had to say. We spoke to the manager, Nile, who
      said that since we were there already, it was OK to stay & bird. So I then
      asked about future visits, & he said he would call the corporate office
      right then to clarify the rules. They told him no groups of birders were to
      be allowed on the weekends, but like I said before, singles & pairs are OK.
      Just be sure to check in. They will now give you a wristband to wear while
      you're there. I didn't inquire regarding arriving early & checking in later,
      but a call to Nile might answer that question. At least the news about it
      being closed isn't true, for now anyway. A note: The manager told us that
      the reason groups are not allowed is that some inconsiderate group of
      birders evidently had an altercation with some members who were making what
      they deemed to be too much noise, & it got back to management. We obviously
      all need to be on our best behavior when we visit a place as precarious as
      this. Remember, we are the visitors..they are the paying guests. Let's not
      have another Baird's Sparrow Hill, like in SEAZ (Vaca Corral).

      Lori & Mark Conrad

      Hermosa Beach

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      Piute Ponds, Edwards AFB ( entry permission required) had a good variety of

      shorebirds this morning, 54 species were tallied. Notables, included
      Sandpiper (1), Pectoral Sandpiper (1), Baird's Sandpiper (2), Semipalmated
      Sandpiper (1-2), White-faced Ibis (20), White Pelican (1), Bank Swallow (1)
      LeConte's Thrasher (1).
      Temps reached triple digits by the early afternoon; plenty of biting midges
      copulating dragonflies at the ponds. The south pond complex, as usual, had
      greatest abundance and diversity of birds. Details have been posted to my


      As a side note, Galileo Hill (Silver Saddle) is now closed to birders on

      Cal Yorke
      Green Valley

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