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Re: [CALBIRDS] Eurasian Collared-Doves and hunting

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  • Rick
    I was under the impression that invasive spp. birds were not protected and thus there was basically and open season on them--I realize CA different from ND
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 19 11:00 AM
      I was under the impression that invasive spp. birds were not protected
      and thus there was basically and open season on them--I realize CA
      different from ND but,... :-)

      On 8/19/2010 11:55 AM, Alvaro Jaramillo wrote:
      > Thanks Steve,
      > I am amazed that Fish and Game say "they do not seem to be gaining an
      > advantage over native species." I would have been much more comfortable
      > with, "we do not know.." Subjectively speaking here in my neck of the
      > woods
      > Mourning Doves are less common now than when the Collared Dove arrived;
      > however Collared Doves are much more local in their distribution
      > preferring
      > towns and farm buildings, rather than open fields, and less disturbed
      > sites.
      > In these places there are as many Mourning Doves as there have ever
      > been. I
      > would not be surprised if at the small scale Collareds are really
      > hammering
      > Mournings, but at the global scale there is no real threat to Mourning
      > Doves. Subjectively speaking, but it would be great for someone to do a
      > study.
      > Alvaro
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      > Subject: [CALBIRDS] Eurasian Collared-Doves and hunting
      > FYI, from the Calif Fish and Game Q&A page today. Many birders probably
      > already know that all those gunshots you hear on Sept 1 are dove hunters.
      > Question: I have a question pertaining to Eurasian doves. I have heard
      > they
      > are an invasive species and compete for food and shelter with the native
      > mourning doves. I believe they are open game during dove season and do not
      > count towards a personal limit. Can the Eurasians be hunted year-round? In
      > the last couple of years their population has grown extensively near
      > where I
      > live. If they are open year-round, I was thinking of thinning the herd a
      > bit. (Mike G.)
      > Answer: While it's very nice of you to offer to help in "thinning the
      > herd",
      > Eurasian doves can only be taken during the regular season. Otherwise,
      > year-round hunting for this one species would create an enforcement
      > nightmare for the game wardens. Eurasian doves are invasive and are living
      > with, and competing with, native species. However, at this point they
      > do not
      > seem to be gaining the advantage over the native species. Keep in mind
      > that
      > there is no limit on Eurasian collared doves when the season is open
      > (Sept.
      > 1-15 and Nov. 14 - Dec 28).
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