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Orange Co Wilson's Plover Still Here

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  • wagtail1997
    The Wilson s Plover, first found on the 12th by Linda Leroy at Bolsa Chica Preserve in Orange County, has been seen every day since in the afternoon. There
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16 6:16 PM
      The Wilson's Plover, first found on the 12th by Linda Leroy at Bolsa Chica Preserve in Orange County, has been seen every day since in the afternoon. There have been no reports from the morning. There have been receding high tides (to low tides) in the afternoon this week.

      Here is some information about finding the bird.

      gives you a Google.com map with the parking lot for Bolsa Chica Preserve centered. The lot is accessed northbound on Pacific Coast Highway. It is that inland rectangle. It has about 40 parking areas. Additional parking but for $$$ is across PCH at the State Beach. Make sure you lock your car and make sure that nothing of value can be seen inside your vehicle.

      Here is where the bird was today, Friday the 16th. The parking lot is at the bottom of this captured photo.

      Park in the small parking lot. Cross over the wooden bridge (the straight line at the right bottom of the image), and follow the path that makes a turn to the left after the bridge. You will soon pass an open area (observation point) with benches, and then the trail (berm) will bend to the left. From that bend, the Plover was scoped about 1:30-1:45 pm by Neil Gilbert. It was on the far edge of the mud flats that are across (north) from the observation area. The area consisted of some spits of land connected to the main wetlands....and a Reddish Egret also was in that area. It probably would not be easily seen with binoculars. The bird moved around this area until about 2:30 or so. (Right hand bird on above jpg, perhaps a little more towards the water).

      About 2:30 pm or so, the bird flew from the exposed mudflats, and landed close to the channel next to (and inland) from the berm. It was difficult to see in the scalloped area, but on occasion presented acceptable views. (Middle bird on above jpg...position approximate).

      About 3:11 pm the bird flew to the mud strip directly below (and inland from) the trail/berm. It probably was 20 to 30 feet below the observers, and seemed to ignore the attention, and the photography. I left about 3:45 pm and the Plover was still there. (Left bird on above jpg...). The area of the trail was where there was rock rip-rap on the sides of the berm on the inland side..... in the stretch before the rock lining ended.

      Good luck tomorrow for those chasing this first Orange County record, and probably only the 10th or so (to be?) accepted (acceptable) record for California.

      Joel Weintraub
      Orange County RBA Compiler
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