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May 1 Santa Barbara Deepwater Pelagic

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  • toddamcgrath
    Calbirders, Just a reminder that The Los Angeles Audubon Society Deepwater Pelagic on May 1st still has some room, but this trip traditionally sells out, so
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2010

      Just a reminder that The Los Angeles Audubon Society Deepwater Pelagic on May 1st still has some room, but this trip traditionally sells out, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.
      The Condor Express is a great boat, with a huge cabin, outstanding galley, and one of the best Captains and crew in the business. There will also be our usual core of excellent leaders.

      The speed of the Condor Express allows us to reach areas like the San Juan Seamount, and the 2,000 fathom waters where pterodroma petrels and other goodies can be found. On our way out and back to the deepwater we cross several productive canyons and basins, giving us ample opportunities study more nearshore species.

      Rarities found on past spring trips include Murphy's and Hawaiian Petrels, Parakeet Auklets, as well as both Horned and Tufted Puffins. Cost is $195 and the boat departs at 7:00AM (meet at 6:30AM). Sign-up information is at the bottom of the message.

      Spring Migration will be in full swing, and we often see Black-footed (regular)and Laysan (uncommon) Albatrosses, all 3 jaegers (Long-tailed rare but regular in spring) Pink-footed, Sooty, Back-vented, and Flesh-footed (rare) shearwaters.

      Xantus's Murrelets are breeding on the Channel Islands at this time of year, and are usually present in numbers near the islands. Black, Leach's and Ashy storm-petrels are often present, and we are likely to see numbers of Phalaropes(both Red and Red-necked) as well as Sabine's Gulls. We are likely to see good numbers of Cassin's Auklets and some Rhinoceros Auklets as well.

      So far the few winter nearshore trips have been productive with Red-billed Tropicbird and both Albatrosses off San Diego. The Santa Barbara Channel has been full of Common Murres, with one group of over 100 feeding on krill a few miles off Santa Barbara. There have been recent reports of Horned Puffin out near the islands. The albatrosses off San Diego as well as the Horned Puffins suggest that deepwater species may be closer to shore. This is the same pattern that resulted in the remarkable Cook's Petrel show in the summer of 2009. We will have to see if this pattern persists, and if the enigmatic Murphy's Petrels will give a good showing out on the shelf.
      Whales are also present in numbers in the channel, as there is lots of food for them at the moment.

      This Spring deepwater trip is always one of my favorites, and I hope you will join us for a memorable day at sea.

      Note that there is different booking process for the Los Angeles Audubon trips
      on the Condor Express. In order to make the booking process easier, the Sea
      Landing in Santa Barbara will handle all bookings for these trips.
      Here's how to contact Sea Landing:

      PHONE: (805) 882-0088 / FAX: (805) 965-0942
      TOLL-FREE IN THE U.S.: (888) 77-WHALE

      May 1st Deepwater pelagic
      Cost $195
      Departure: 7:00 AM (meet at 6:30AM)
      Duration 13+ hours

      I hope to see you onboard.

      There is a very busy SoCal pelagic schedule this year, visit SoCalBirding.com for a complete description of the entire year's trips.

      Todd McGrath
      Calabasas, CA
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