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Woodfords Xmas count 12-19-09 preliminary results

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    Hi all, Thanks very much to all of you for the help on a nice December day in the high Sierra! And a special thank to Dave Kirby at Woodfords Station for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2009
      Hi all, Thanks very much to all of you for the help on a nice December day in the high Sierra! And a special thank to Dave Kirby at Woodfords Station for the great pie and sandwiches!

      I have tallied up the count and the preliminary species total stands at 81 (ebird list below). This is about average, according to my records. The highlight was the Northern Pygmy-Owl found near the Woodfords Store early in the morning by Dan Williams and Terry Thomas! COOL! Also notable were 190 Pinyon Jays, 1 Northern Goshawk and 1 Peregrine Falcon (new for the count, according to my records). Lowlights were the very low numbers of all birds (except Pinyon Jay) and the discovery of Eurasian Collared Doves in downtown Markleyville, also new for the count. Below is a link to a couple of the Northern Pygmy-Owl pix.


      Dan Brown,

      Location: WOODFORDS CBC
      Observation date: 12/19/09
      Notes: Woodfords Christmas Count, sponsered by the Sacramento Audubon Society
      Number of species: 81

      Cackling Goose 1
      Canada Goose 254
      Tundra Swan 1
      Gadwall 91
      Mallard 13
      Green-winged Teal (American) 2
      Ring-necked Duck 2
      Bufflehead 3
      Hooded Merganser 3
      Common Merganser 1
      Ruddy Duck 30
      California Quail 132
      Great Blue Heron 5
      Bald Eagle 6
      Northern Harrier 6
      Sharp-shinned Hawk 2
      Cooper's Hawk 1
      Northern Goshawk 1
      Red-shouldered Hawk (California) 1
      Red-tailed Hawk 50
      Ferruginous Hawk 3
      Rough-legged Hawk 2
      Golden Eagle 8
      American Kestrel 9
      Peregrine Falcon 1
      Prairie Falcon 1
      American Coot 12
      Killdeer 1
      Greater Yellowlegs 1
      Wilson's Snipe 2
      Rock Pigeon 104
      Eurasian Collared-Dove 11 Downtown Markleyville, Alpine co, CA
      Mourning Dove 8
      Barn Owl 1
      Great Horned Owl 1
      Northern Pygmy-Owl 1
      Belted Kingfisher 3
      Downy Woodpecker 5
      Hairy Woodpecker 3
      White-headed Woodpecker 6
      Northern Flicker 13
      Black Phoebe 1
      Loggerhead Shrike 2
      Steller's Jay 95
      Western Scrub-Jay 24
      Pinyon Jay 190
      Clark's Nutcracker 43
      Black-billed Magpie 64
      American Crow 8
      Common Raven 19
      Horned Lark 41
      Mountain Chickadee 64
      Bushtit 16
      Red-breasted Nuthatch 12
      White-breasted Nuthatch 23
      Pygmy Nuthatch 5
      Bewick's Wren 4
      Marsh Wren 1
      American Dipper 2
      Golden-crowned Kinglet 7
      Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1
      Western Bluebird 1
      Townsend's Solitaire 7
      American Robin 4
      European Starling 28
      American Pipit 2
      Cedar Waxwing 1
      Spotted Towhee 22
      Song Sparrow 8
      White-crowned Sparrow 25
      Golden-crowned Sparrow 16
      Dark-eyed Junco 183
      Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) 1
      Western Meadowlark 5
      Brewer's Blackbird 3
      Cassin's Finch 2
      House Finch 138
      Pine Siskin 1
      Lesser Goldfinch 13
      American Goldfinch 20
      House Sparrow 64

      This report was generated automatically by eBird v2(http://ebird.org)

      Dan Brown.
      Sacramento, CA
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