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Re: [CALBIRDS] Ciff Swallow not Common House-Martin

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  • Jamie Chavez
    A couple of sources for instantaneous eBird reports are the Rare Bird Google Gadgets found on many sites and Blogs, and the eBird Rarity Map available at Jack
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 13, 2009
      A couple of sources for instantaneous eBird reports are the Rare Bird Google
      Gadgets found on many sites and Blogs, and the eBird Rarity Map available at
      Jack Siler's Birdingonthe.Net web site. A rare bird may pop up on either of
      these at any time but unless it has a green check mark next to it, it has
      not (yet) been reviewed by a regional or county editor for validation.
      Nevertheless, take any claim with a buyer beware attitude, but appreciate
      the fact that it is immediately posted in case it is legitimate. Green means
      go! Many of us reviewers take this seriously and look through the birds in
      queue list daily. Since time is of the essence it is most helpful to respond
      if asked for additional details or to include this information in notes with
      a submitted checklist. Something as simple as "multiple observers" is
      valuable information.


      Jamie Chavez
      Santa Maria, CA

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      > Birders,
      > Lest some in the California birding community fear that all sorts of
      > horrific claims can end up on eBird by data-entry errors such as the one
      > that just befell Andy, I wanted to point out that there are several
      > levels of protections built into the system. If one enters a checklist
      > for an Orange County site (or any California site), Common House-Martin
      > will NOT be on the data entry checklist, even when the "Show Rare
      > Species" option is selected. The only way to enter such a species would
      > be to use the "Add Species" option, which takes several deliberate steps
      > and is pretty hard to do by mistake. And even if one did manage to
      > enter a Common House-Martin (or 15 of them) for a California locality,
      > the record would be flagged and omitted from the eBird database of valid
      > records until reviewed and validated by a designated eBird reviewer.
      > [Maybe Andy or one of the eBird staff can explain how the house-martin
      > error occurred so we can avoid similar pitfalls.]
      > Many people are working very hard to drum up support for eBird and to
      > ensure its cleanliness as a database. I know there are doubters out
      > there, and I know that eBird is still shunned by many of the most active
      > birders in the state. But in fairness, I wanted to point out that
      > mega-errors at the scale of Common House-Martin in Orange County simply
      > don't remain in the database. It's the many cumulative small errors
      > (things that bypass the filters) that we all need to be on our guard
      > about.
      > Kimball
      > Kimball L. Garrett
      > Ornithology Collections Manager
      > Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
      > 900 Exposition Blvd.
      > Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA
      > 213-763-3368
      > kgarrett@...
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