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Re: [CALBIRDS] ARCTIC LOON ? in Moss Landing (MTY)

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  • Len Blumin
    Steve- Thanks for posting. I was there yesterday with Rich s group, but didn t want to post until I checked fruther with him, but with your note I thought I d
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 13, 2009
      Thanks for posting. I was there yesterday with Rich's group, but didn't want
      to post until I checked fruther with him, but with your note I thought I'd
      include my rather hurriedly obtained digicoped images, attached hereto.
      Cheers, Len Blumin
      Taken 6-12-09, 3 pm. Swarovski 80HD, 30X, DCA, Nikon 8400

      On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 5:22 PM, Steve Rovell <tapaculo@...> wrote:

      > Hi Birders -
      > Rita Carratello called to tell me that Rich Stallcup found a bird that
      > he thought might have been an ARCTIC LOON. So I went to investigate
      > and continued the phone tree. Eventually Tim Amaral, Larry and Carole
      > Rose, David Styer and Bill Hill had all joined me in seeing this
      > alternate plumage loon.
      > We all agreed with several field marks good for Arctic Loon. These
      > included a green throat, the pointy V at the base of the green throat
      > patch and a heavier and longer bill than what we would expect from
      > Pacific Loon. Many of us also felt that the black and white stripes
      > on the side of the neck and on the side seemed wide, but we didn't
      > have a Pacific Loon to compare it to. Likewise with another
      > fieldmark, the paleness of the nape. We just couldn't say for sure.
      > Playing Devil's Advocate, we didn't see the prominent white flank
      > patch we expected to see on an Arctic Loon.
      > So, if all the experts out there look for Bill Hill's post (I'm sure
      > it will be posted on this site, soon), you can take a look at his
      > wonderful photos and put in your own two cents.
      > The bird spent its time fairly close to shore just north of the
      > jetties. It was hanging near a large group of otters and was easily
      > spotted from the dirt parking lot at the end of Jetty Road in Moss
      > Landing.
      > In addition to the "Arctic" Loon, the following interesting birds were
      > also seen:
      > several (3-4) adult HEERMAN'S GULLS
      > 1 ratty-looking RED-THROATED LOON
      > Steve Rovell
      > Marina, CA

      Len Blumin, Mill Valley, California
      Swaro 80 HD, 30X, DCA, CoolPix 8400

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