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Species Search Capability and RFI for San Mateo County Birding Guide

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  • Jennifer Rycenga
    Dear Cal Birders: This morning the San Mateo County Birding Guide (SMCBG) upgraded to featuring full species search capability. This will enable birders to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2009
      Dear Cal Birders:

      This morning the San Mateo County Birding Guide (SMCBG) upgraded to
      featuring full species search capability. This will enable birders to
      see which locations in San Mateo County have the birds they are
      seeking, from the most common (Bushtit) to the rarest (Least Auklet).
      Thus this new capability has both historical value, as a record of
      rarity sightings, and predictive and trip-planning value for more
      expected birds. This addition will make the SMCBG all the more
      valuable to residents and visitors alike. Check it out at http://birding.sequoia-audubon.org/

      The reason I am posting this on CALBIRDS is to ask for the assistance
      of the many fine and experienced birders who inhabit this list.
      Maintaining full species search capability means generating a species
      list for every site on the SMCBG. My methodology for constructing
      such lists consisted of my own site visits, plus the following five

      1) any existing formal checklist for a location
      2) the archives of PenBirds (the local listserv for San Mateo County)
      3) eBird data
      4) the new CBRC book, Rare Birds of California
      5) discussions with others who have birded extensively at a site

      Still, these lists are incomplete. First, I need to
      indicate seasonality for most of them, so out-of-towners aren't
      searching for Golden-crowned Sparrows in mid-June. Second, there may
      still be some places where common sense needs to be applied; I think
      there are ten sites that lack European Starling (oh! where are these
      brave places that lack such birds in them?!), an oversight that will
      only be rectified with time and a finer-tooth comb than I currently am
      employing. Third, there are some county rarities that my methodology
      could not accurately catch. This pertains particularly to those
      county rarities that occurred prior to peninsula-birds and are _not_
      CBRC rarities (e.g. Sage Thrasher, Black Tern, Stilt Sandpipier,
      etc.). Those of you who are expert birders, and/or folks with very
      long memories, please send me your best recounting of these types of
      memorable sightings. It is very easy for me to update the species
      listings; such updatings appear instantaneously (for instance, I just
      added the recent sightings of Hooded Warbler and Ovenbird to Butano's

      Thanks so much to all the authors, editors, photographers, users,
      kibbitzers, and, of course, our fine web master, Bill Groll, for
      helping to make the SMCBG the success that it is. Now the long road
      of fine-tuning begins: please send me your updates, corrections,
      emendations, and suggestions. There are about thirty more sites yet
      to be added, too!

      Jennifer Rycenga
      Half Moon Bay, CA

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