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SBC Pelagic Results - May 16th - Horned Puffin and Black-footed Albatross

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  • toddamcgrath
    Birders, On today s pelagic trip on the Condor Express, chartered by the Channel Islands Naturalists Corps but open to the general public, the highlight was a
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      On today's pelagic trip on the Condor Express, chartered by the Channel Islands Naturalists Corps but open to the general public, the highlight was a HORNED PUFFIN in waters south of San Miguel Island. The trip left Santa Barbara at 8am, motored out the west end of the channel, then west to the 1,000 fathom line, following that to the south east until we were south of San Miguel We returned to Santa Barbara via the Santa Rosa - San Miguel passage.
      Other bird highlights included a LONG-TAILED JAEGER southwest of San Miguel Island, a little fluff-ball XANTUS'S MURRELET chick with its father,SOUTH POLAR SKUA, and two BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSSES between San Miguel Island and Pt Conception. Other species included Cassin's and Rhino Auklets, Northern Fulmar, Sooty and Pink-footed Shearwater, Black and Ashy Storm-Petrels Red and Red-necked Phalaropes, and Sabine's Gulls. Marine mammals included Common dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, many humpback whales (including one lunge-feeding and four playing at length around and even underneath ou=
      r boat), a northern fur-seal, California sea lions, and elephant seals on the beach on the south side of San Miguel.

      There were birds too look at all day, with the birdiest areas being the channel off Santa Cruz and the 300-500 fathom line south of the San Miguel. The Horned Puffin was spotted by Jon Feenstra as we searched a strong current break.

      My Thanks to Dave Compton (whose report on SBC birds I borrowed from)Jon Feenstra, Mike San Miguel, and Wes Fritz who volunteered their time to teach the Channel Islands Naturalists Corps about the distribution and Identification of Seabirds around the Islands. Thanks also the Corps for chartering the trip. Capt Matt and the crew of the Condor Express, as usual, went above and beyond to make sure we had a great trip.

      Trip totals are below. Please note that there are 2 upcoming trips that will spend time around the Channel Islands. See SOCALBIRDING.COM
      for full descriptions of the June 6th Island Scub-Jay trip from Oxnard and the July 25th deepwater trip from Santa Barbara.

      I will post a more detailed description of upcoming trips tomorrow, but so far our 2009 trips have been outstanding, with lots of birds, whales and other marine life in SoCal.

      Todd McGrath
      Marina del Rey (soon to be Calabasas) CA

      Trip Totals thanks to Feenstra and E-bird

      Pacific Loon 42
      Eared Grebe 1
      Black-footed Albatross 2
      Northern Fulmar 110
      Pink-footed Shearwater 63
      Sooty Shearwater 1130
      Ashy Storm-Petrel 40
      Black Storm-Petrel 4
      Brown Pelican 9
      Brandt's Cormorant 39
      Pelagic Cormorant 2
      Red-necked Phalarope 550
      Red Phalarope 65
      phalarope sp. 300
      Sabine's Gull 8
      Bonaparte's Gull 1
      Western Gull 31
      Common Tern 2
      Arctic Tern 1
      South Polar Skua 1
      Long-tailed Jaeger 1
      Common Murre 11
      Pigeon Guillemot 27
      Xantus's Murrelet (scrippsi)
      31Cassin's Auklet 220
      Rhinoceros Auklet 175
      Horned Puffin 1
      Barn Swallow 1
      Yellow Warbler 1
      Wilson's Warbler 2
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