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The trip to see what's out there.... May 9

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  • Terry Hunefeld
    Greetings Brad Schram, noted author of the American Birding Association s A Birder s Guide To Southern California will join the expert SoCal deep-water
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2009

      Brad Schram, noted author of the American Birding Association's "A Birder's Guide To Southern California" will join the expert SoCal deep-water birding leader team on Buena Vista Audubon's 48-hour weekend double-nighter to deep water aboard Grande on May 9-11. Brad will join SoCal area pelagic leaders/guides/spotters and question-answerers Todd (Skua) McGrath, Paul (PAJA) Lehman, Jon (Tricolored Blackbird) Feenstra, Dave (Mountain Lion x 2) Pereksta and Chummer Wes (ole fishguts) Fritz.

      We will depart Point Loma at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning, May 9 and return to the dock at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning in time for those of you with jobs to get to work on Monday. That gives us 48 hours of solid pelagic birding time – a full day of it about 100 miles offshore – to see what's out there this spring.

      Join us as we go in search of tropicbirds and pterodroma – a Hawaiian Petrel was seen from a NOAA research trip off Pescadero 23 May 2007; dozens of Cook's Petrels were seen by Searcher crew on fishing trips in June 2007 off northern Baja and more than 80 Murphy's Petrels were seen offshore San Diego in deep water in April of 2003.

      Pterodroma reports:

      Trip Details:

      Reserve on or before April 30 and save $40.

      A VIDEO PEEK INSIDE GRANDE: http://www.grandesportfishing.com/video.htm
      About half way into this video you see the cook making dinner giving you a taste of what the evening dinners look like, or a look at what they taste like. The video is about fishing but it gives you a behind-the-scenes peek into Grande. Just mentally take out the fishermen/women and insert birders with binoculars in place of fishing poles! Enjoy!

      p.s. when you see Wes on Condor Express or Grande, ask him about his boating adventure from California to Hawaii and how they hit something that put a hole in the side of their boat so big they had to stuff it with a life raft and bail water for days in pouring rain and 15 foot seas and finally get stranded on an island with unfriendly natives who steal his cell phone so he has to hide in the jungle and eat raw octopus... it's all true.

      Terry Hunefeld, Encinitas
      Life is short. Seabird often.
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