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Upcoming Pelagics on The Condor Express

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  • toddamcgrath
    Birders, I am pleased to let you know that Los Angeles Audubon is sponsoring 2 deepwater pelagics on the Condor Express out of Santa Barbara in 2009. The first
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      I am pleased to let you know that Los Angeles Audubon is sponsoring 2 deepwater pelagics on the Condor Express out of Santa Barbara in 2009.

      The first trip is April 25th. We will search the 2000+ fathom water around the San Juan Seamount in hopes of finding such rarities as Murphy's, Cook's and Hawaiian Petrel, as well as Parakeet Auklet and Black-footed, and Laysan Albatrosses. Both Albatrosses are regular offshore in spring, wioth Black-footed being more common. This appears to be a banner year for Parakeet Auklets, with three birding trips recording them this year, including the March 1 trip on the Condor Express. Spring is one of my favorite times to head offshore, beacause in addition to the rarity potential, Spring migration will be in full swing. We can expect to see Ashy and Leach's storm-petrels, plus Xantus's murrelets around the Channel islands. We will also see a variety of shearwaters.

      The next trip is July 25th, and will head to the same deepwater. At this time of year potential rarities include Cook's and Hawaiian Petrel. Red-billed Tropicbirds are uncommon at this season, but seen regularly. Our July 2007 trip found a Tristam's Storm-petrel, highlighting the opportunity for rarities that exisit at this time of year. This is also an excellent time to study various subspecies of Leach's Storm-petrel, including the summer breeders from Guadalupe Island, which are a good candidate for a split. The southern race of Xantus's Murrelet as well as Craveri's murrelet are possible on this trip. We have run only one trip on the Condor Express in July, and due to the boat's poularity for whale watching charters, it is difficult to run trips. I don't believe we will be able to run this trip annually, so if you are interested, this is the year.

      Over the last couple of years there has been a tendency for particpants to delay signing-up until a few weeks before the trip. Please try and sign-up as early as possible, as it is difficult for LA Audubon to risk the financial loss of failing to cover the costs of a trip. These trips are priced close to break-even, so we need a good showing early to be confident of filling the boat.

      Please contact me if you have any questions about the trips or would like additional information. Each trip is $195, which is quite reasonable to cover the 250 mile round trip to the san Juan Seamount. I have attached LA Audubon's instructions for signing-up at the end of this note. I hope to see you on board!

      Todd McGrath
      Marina Del Rey CA

      Los Angeles Audubon Pelagic Reservation Instructions 2009

      Option 1 –Mail
      Mail your check or Credit Card information and a SASE (for trip confirmation and information flyer) for each trip requested to:

      Los Angeles Audubon - Pelagics
      P.O. Box 931057
      Los Angeles, CA 90093-1057.

      Option 2 –Call, pay with Credit Card
      Call Los Angeles Audubon at (323) 876-0202 (Mon. - Thur.) 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

      Option 3 –Email or Fax, pay with Credit Card
      E-Mail reservation request to: peltrip@... e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
      Fax reservation request to: (323) 876-7609

      You may now use Mastercard | Visa | Discover cards to charge your trip.
      There will be a $5 credit card fee.
      Provide the cardholder's billing name, card number, expiration date, and the last 3 numbers (security code) from the reverse of your card.

      Provide the name(s), mailing address, contact telephone number, and email address (if used) for each person requesting a reservation.

      * Destinations may be changed to maximize bird sightings, or minimize rough seas. With increased fuel costs there can be a $5 to $10 energy surcharge per person.
      *Refund Policy: You may receive a refund less a $4.00 handling charge if you cancel 31 days prior to departure, or if a paid replacement can be found.
      *Insufficient Response Cancellations: If there is insufficient response 35 days before the trip departure, the trip will be cancelled.
      *Before setting out on any LAAS Pelagic Trip, call (323) 874-1318 Option #4, for possible last moment changes of cancellations that may have occurred.
      *For more information about these Los Angeles Audubon Pelagic Trips and other Southern California Pelagic Events please visit http://www.SoCalBirding.com
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