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Shasta County Eagle protest

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  • Richard Cimino
    Groups Protest Wind Turbine Eagle Kills http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-221406?ref=feeds%2Foncnn
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      Groups Protest Wind Turbine Eagle Kills
      Wearing red to symbolize the blood of dead eagles, several Native
      American groups from California organized a protest against the killing
      of Golden and Bald Eagles that will take place in collisions with the
      Wind turbines of the approved Hatchet Ridge Wind Project in Northern
      California. Eagles, hawks, owls and falcons will all die in collisions
      with the wind turbine blades that spin at 220 mph on 300 foot towers.
      The groups that organized this protest are; The Advocates for the
      Protection of Sacred Sites, Seventh Generation Fund, Indigenous
      Environmental Network, International Indian Treaty Council, and Citizens
      of the Pit River Tribe. The protest will took place Friday Feb 27 in
      front of the Shasta County Administrative building where the board of
      supervisors approved the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm. Bald Eagles, Golden
      Eagles, Spotted Owls, Great Grey Owls and over 100 other different kinds
      of bird species are expected to die at this wind farm. Each year across
      America, thousands of birds of prey die in collisions with turbine
      blades. At the Altamont wind farm in California over 50 Golden Eagles
      die each year. Accurate figures from other wind farms are not available
      because of the high security at sites and cover up by the wind industry.

      Richard Cimino
      Da Pacem Cordium
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