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Bird Use Info Request for Butterbredt/Jawbone/Kelso Creek/Kelso Valley

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  • Bob Barnes
    Hi, About 60,000 acres of Onyx Ranch (including Butterbredt Spring, numerous springs in the Southern Sierra, and the ranch s South Fork Kern River Valley
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008

      About 60,000 acres of Onyx Ranch (including Butterbredt Spring,
      numerous springs in the Southern Sierra, and the ranch's South Fork
      Kern River Valley headquarters) has been sold to an energy
      development company.

      Following is a message from Audubon's Sean Rowe asking for bird use
      information in the Southern Sierra, especially in Butterbredt
      Canyon/Butterbredt Spring, Jawbone Canyon, Kelso Valley, "Kelso Creek
      Valley" (from Kern River Preserve Headquarters in Weldon south
      through the Kelso Creek watershed to the pass above Kelso Valley),
      and numerous springs important to birds throughout the Souther
      Sierra Nevada. FYI: Sean is Land Steward with Audubon California's
      Kern River Preserve and co-originator of the Kern River Valley Turkey
      Vulture Watch.

      RSVP to Sean (srowe@...) if you have information which you
      think might be useful.

      I am hopeful you are as thankful as I am that Sean is working on this
      issue and can/will assist him as you are able.

      Thank you,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County

      >From: "ROWE, Sean" <srowe@...>
      >Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 19:37:54 -0500
      >Subject: Bird use and wind energy in Kelso Valley area
      >We are concerned about the impact of wind farm development in the
      >Southern Sierra on birds and other wildlife. Many developments have
      >been placed and new ones are coming. I am looking for information
      >on bird use of the Kelso Valley, Butterbredt, Jawbone Canyon
      >areas. Particularly helpful would be any summary reports or data
      >that you could share of bird use in the area. I have fall Turkey
      >Vulture and raptor data from the Kern River Valley Vulture
      >Watch. This area is heavily birded and important to a wide variety
      >of species. Our goal is to develop a quantitative understanding of
      >bird use to allow us to effectively gauge potential impacts and
      >promote best management practices.
      >Any data, info, or reports you could provide would be greatly
      >appreciated. Are there others who I might contact? Any suggestions
      >for trying to hunt down reports specific to the area?
      >I'd like to call to discuss. Please let me know when it might be
      >good to reach you. Much thanks for you time.
      >Sean Rowe
      >Land Steward
      >Audubon California - Kern River Preserve
      >P.O. Box 1662
      >18747 Hwy 178
      >Weldon, CA 93283
      >p/f 760.378.2531

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