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adult female Common REDPOLL in Shasta County

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  • Mike Feighner
    CALBIRDSers: In order not to leave CALBIRDS in the dark, I am passing on the following. (1) is an exert from Doug Shaw s transcript of Northern California s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2002

      In order not to leave CALBIRDS in the dark, I am passing on the
      following. (1) is an exert from Doug Shaw's transcript of Northern
      California's Bird Box Report for 10 February 2002 (415) 681-7422; (2)
      is a post of John Sterling's to Shasta Birders and Central Valley Birds.

      This would also be a also a first for Shasta County. If accepted, this
      would be the sixth accepted record for California. Here is an exert
      from http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8439/master.txt which was
      last updated on 30 December 1997:

      COMMON REDPOLL Carduelis flammea (9,5,2,0)


      1. 30 Nov-23 Dec 1899 (large flock) Eagle L. LAS 159-1984-9 (3# CAS,
      2# MVZ)
      2. 22 May 69 Manila HUM 308-1986-14 (#HSU)
      3. 29 Dec 85-11 Jan 86 (24) Tule L. NWR SIS 8-1986-11 (ph.)
      4. 20 Jan-2 Mar 86 (30) Lower Klamath NWR SIS 63-1986-11
      5. 23 Nov 91 Tule L. NWR SIS 190-1991-17

      Rejected, identification not established

      21 Dec 85 (7) Shasta R. (bridge) SIS 206-1986-11
      5 Jan 88 Berkeley ALA 80-1988-13

      Submitted/In circulation

      23 Dec 1899 PLU 51-1992 (#SDNHM)
      13 Jan 1996 (3) Mtn. Home Village SBE 71-1996

      Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County

      (1) Shasta County
      February 9th, a female COMMON REDPOLL was reported to coming into a
      in Anderson. The bird was seen again and confirmed this morning, the
      The residence is located at 2924 Silo Court off of Stingy Lane. The
      chances of seeing this bird is around 07:30. The bird also comes in
      10:00 and 2:30. Beware, there is an aggressive dog in the fenced
      yard. The Redpoll is coming to a thistle feeder and feeds on the lower
      perch. The feeder is visible from the left side of the house. Anderson
      off of I-5 in southern Shasta County. (BP, JS, SG)

      Steve Glover (SG), Barbara Peck (BP), John Sterling (JS)

      COMMON REDPOLL is a CBRC Review species. Instructions are at end of

      (2) Howdy,
      Steve Glover and I saw the adult female Common Redpoll this morning at
      in Anderson, Shasta County. Take Hwy 5 to Anderson, take Ball's Ferry
      exit (not the Ball's Ferry Road exit in the town of Cottonwood--several
      miles to the south), take Ball's Ferry Road east to the T intersection.
      left on Stingy Lane, then next left on Silo Court. Barbara Peck's
      is 2924. The bird comes to her thistle feeder on the left side of her
      in the backyard. The feeder and the tree behind her house are easily
      from the sidewalk. Apparently the bird is seen regularly in the early
      morning from dawn to 8 am, then sporadically to about 3 pm at the
      Steve and I arrived yesterday at 3 pm and did not see it and left at
      4:30 pm
      as there were no birds coming to the feeder at that point. So....come
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