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(fwd) [LACoBirds] BLUETHROAT on San Clemente Island

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  • Joseph Morlan
    I thought this message which was posted to LACoBirds might be of interest to a wider audience: On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 20:29:03 -0700, Justyn Stahl wrote:
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      I thought this message which was posted to LACoBirds might be of interest
      to a wider audience:

      On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 20:29:03 -0700, "Justyn Stahl" wrote:

      Following up on yesterday's awesome finds of eastern warblers (and
      rhetorical "Who knows what else is out there?"), today (9/14) at 4pm we
      found and photographed a BLUETHROAT on San Clemente Island.

      I initially flushed a bird that caught my attention as something out of the
      ordinary. I pursued it for a few minutes and it finally flushed a short
      distance, flying straight away and the tail showed a wheatear-like T
      pattern, but red-brown and black instead of white and black. "Possible
      wheatear, guys!" I yelled to the others (Jason Fidorra, Matt York,
      Catherine Craig, Linda Dye, and Susan Teel) who were picking through other
      birds for migrants. It then gave a better look and I followed up with
      "Definitely OLD WORLD BIRD!" The adventure sprawled out over an hour, with
      field sketches, dictated notes, and some poor photos. Jason's tentative ID
      of BLUETHROAT was spot on, as all I could get it to off the top of my head
      was Old World Turdidae. I had snapped a few poorly-lit photos (although
      possibly documentation-worthy) initially, but Jason thankfully (I think
      there were some expletives yelled in celebration) got some solid
      digiscoping done as the light was starting to go bad on us.

      Appropriate documentation and photos have been sent to the authorities, but
      unfortunately the public will not be able to chase this bird due to the
      sensitive nature of the island as a United States Navy installation.

      See photos taken by Jason Fidorra here.

      I can't imagine there are many (if any?) records for this gal (first-fall
      female) in the lower 48. Please let us know.

      Justyn Stahl
      San Clemente Island, CA

      Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA 94044 jmorlan (at) ccsf.edu
      Birding Classes start Sep 9 in SF http://fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan/
      California Bird Records Committee http://www.wfo-cbrc.org/cbrc/
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