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  • Dan Cooper
    Calbirders, As the results of the 2002 California Mountain Plover Survey trickle in, we re posting some preliminary numbers to give people an idea of their
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002

      As the results of the 2002 California Mountain Plover Survey trickle in,
      we're posting some preliminary numbers to give people an idea of their
      status this year. Already, some interesting patterns are emerging that may
      help future counters hone in on wintering birds. Many observers noted that
      Mountain Plovers were concentrated in recently-grazed (by sheep) alfalfa
      fields. Apparently, the sheep are trucked in after the hay is mechanically
      cut. Once they've grazed it down to yellowish stubble, it is irrigated a
      bit, and the process begins again. In that post-grazing, pre-growth stage,
      it appears to be most appealing to the plovers.

      Please send details and additional sightings to:

      Kevin Hunting
      California Dept. of Fish and Game
      1807 13th Street, Suite 202
      Sacramento, CA 95814


      Please also send incidental sightings from places not listed below, or
      counts from these areas that exceed the numbers reported.

      Below is a county-by-county (north to south) summary of sightings on
      2/2/2002 received so far.

      "plovers" = Mountain Plovers
      Most sites had Black-bellied Plovers and/or Killdeer

      Yolo Co.
      200 plovers
      Midway and Levee Rd. (Rollye Wiskerson)

      Solano Co.
      65 plovers
      Flannery Rd. and Goosehaven Rd. (Keith and Marsha Grimson/John Boyd)

      San Joaquin Co.
      1 plover
      "Jones Tract", off Bacon Island Rd., about 1/4 mile southwest of Woodward
      Ferry (Jeff Davis)

      Merced Co.
      0 plovers
      [180 plovers on 17 Jan 2002 (Jennifer Green)]

      Fresno Co.
      25 plovers
      "Panoche Hills" (Al DiMartini)
      [52 Panoche Valley 17 Jan 2002 (Jennifer Green)]

      30 plovers
      East of intersection of Russell Ave. and Althea Ave. (Matt Hamman)

      Kings Co.
      143 plovers
      S.R. 41 and York Rd. (Sam Fitton)

      San Luis Obispo Co.
      17 plovers
      Carrizo Plain (Mike Stiles/Tom Edell)

      11 plovers
      Cholame (Anthony Kent)

      Santa Barbara Co.
      0 plovers
      Vandenberg AFB airfield; Santa Maria ag fields (Alex Abela)

      Kern Co. - west
      58 plovers
      Garces Hwy./Scofield Rd. (Mike Feighner)

      Kern Co. - east

      Ventura Co.

      Los Angeles Co. - northeast
      283 plovers
      110th St. East and Ave. I/J; Ave. L and 40th/50th St. East (Nick and Mary
      Freeman et al.)

      Los Angeles Co. - northwest
      0 plovers
      Quail Lake to Hwy. 14 (Dan Cooper et al.)

      San Bernardino Co.
      0 plovers
      Harper Dry Lake, Newberry Springs/Mojave Valley (Bill Deppe)

      Orange Co.

      Riverside Co. - west
      0 plovers
      San Jacinto/Perris Valley (Chet McGaugh)

      Riverside Co. - east
      47 plovers
      1.5 mi. southeast of Blythe Community Rec. Golf Course, Blythe (Roger

      San Diego Co.

      Imperial Co.
      1400 plovers
      Imperial Valley (Brawley to U.S. border) (John Green and Mike San Miguel)
      [Chet McGaugh, Steve Myers et al. estimate this area held c. 3000 birds from
      week-long survey, early 2/2002]


      Daniel S. Cooper
      Director of Bird Conservation
      Audubon California
      6042 Monte Vista St.
      Los Angeles, CA 90042
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