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Long-billed Murrelet refound in HUM 7/22/08

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  • Elias Elias
    Hi all, Just wanted to announce that the Redwood Sciences Lab s Marbled Murrelet survey crew refound what is probably the same Long-billed Murelet we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23 1:17 PM
      Hi all,

      Just wanted to announce that the Redwood Sciences Lab's Marbled Murrelet
      survey crew refound what is probably the same Long-billed Murelet we
      discovered last Tuesday a week ago. We found it in the same general
      vicinity. It had moved about 4 kilometers to the north and was about
      1700 meters from the tip of the North Jetty. Either hire or bring your
      own sea-worthy vessel to chase this one. Contact me for logistical help.

      I sent a copy of an image to Joe but he will not have time to post it
      for a while. So if you would like to see an image, write back.

      here is a link to the updated map:

      Here is my report to the CBRC:

      California Rare Bird Report

      Species: Long-billed Murrelet Brachyramphus perdix

      Other species:

      Number, sex, age, general plumage: 1 unknown sex AHY, mosty alternate

      County: HUM - Humboldt

      Locality: N 40.77767 W 124.24927

      Date(s) seen: 7/22/2008

      Time seen: 11:20-11:25

      Reporting observer: Elias Elias

      Address: 141 G Street

      City: Arcata

      State: CA

      Zip: 95521

      Phone: 559-433-7254


      E-mail: fabflockfinder@...

      Other observers: Moe Morrissette, Jared Wolf and Linda Long

      Original finder(s): Moe was surveying his side and stopped the boat for a
      murrelet. Immediately upon my looking at it I IDed it as a Long-billed

      Light conditions: overcast good light

      Optical equipment: 10x25 zeiss compact victory

      Distance: 40-170

      Duration of observation: couple-five minutes

      Habitat: near-shore marine waters

      Behavior: swimming at surface then took flight was fairly approachable

      Description: brachyramphus murrelet by size and shape and presence of white
      in the scaps. white throat sharp contrast on side of head and neck with no
      collar. some difuse white marks on back of head

      I would say that there is a high likelyhood that this is the same individual
      that we saw last tuesday.

      Voice: we heard a call that sounded like a SEPL. It called three times.
      once just before it took flight and twice as it flew away. It was a high
      pitched, clear, soft whistled "chu-wheet." It was defineately two noted.
      While I cann't be absolutely certain that the LBMU made the call. It was
      less than ideal weather and there was a lot of ambiant noise. A SEPL could
      have flown over at that moment but it is highly unlikely. To my knowledge.
      There is no documentation of the noises that this species makes at least in
      the English language literature. Apperantly another team of murrelet
      surveyors saw and heard two off southern Oregon last year. The crew was
      comprised of Craig Strong and Ryan Terrill. Ryan mentioned to me in an
      email that he was going to write it up as a note for publication.

      Similar species: Xantus's and Craveri's were elimated by the black flecking
      on the throat and brest and by the white in the scaps.

      MAMU was separated by the dark/light patterning on the head and neck.

      Photographs: yes by Elias. copies will be made available

      Previous experience: seen 10-20 times during my career as a professional
      Marbled Murrelet surveyor in Oregon and northern California.

      References consulted during observation: none

      References consulted after observation: none

      Notes during observation:

      Notes immediately after observation:

      Notes from memory: on

      Are you positive?: Yes

      Why not positive:
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