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Re: [CALBIRDS] Cooper's hawk

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  • lilithm3@juno.com
    Vicious? At the risk of sounding anthropomorphic, Alice, I d say maybe it s for protection or retaliation. Or it s mobbing behavior, to which corvids and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2008
      Vicious? At the risk of sounding anthropomorphic, Alice, I'd say maybe it's for protection or retaliation. Or it's "mobbing" behavior, to which corvids and raptors are subjected by smaller birds. Did the Cooper's look to be a young adult or smaller?

      A week or so ago, I was driving, my teenager a passenger, on a street in East Anaheim (by the 91/55, near the Santa Ana River in Orange County) when she shouted, "Mom! Did you see that hawk grab that grey bird out of the sky?" I said no, we're on a curve and I have to keep my eyes on the road. She then asked what the bird was with white wingbars underneath and I said mockingbird. She then wanted to know, do hawks EAT other birds? I said definitely yes and she said the second mockingbird was chasing after the hawk but the first one appeared to be dead. Well, that's how it goes in nature, I said.

      My teenager couldn't really ID the hawk but I know we've had Coopers living in that neighborhood in the past and I see feathers from unfortunate Black Phoebes and other birds littering my mother's backyard every so often, and the source isn't feline.

      Sue Jorgenson
      Fullerton/Anaheim CA

      -- "phoenixbirdsalice" <phoenixbirdsalice@...> wrote:
      Hello, I found a juvenile coopers hawk a couple days ago being attacked
      by a gang of vicious mockingbirds here in urban San Diego. A family
      member called a group that rescues birds and she took it. The bird was
      breathtaking! He was having trouble learning to fly and the
      mockingbirds thought that they's bully him to death. He or she (the
      bird) seemed glad to have help.

      Alice Williams
      Point Loma, San Diego, Ca


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