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Re: [CALBIRDS] Calif. Bird Spp. of Spcl Concern - discussion LONG NO SIGHTINGS

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  • Lammergeiereyes@aol.com
    For what it s worth, I agree entirely with Dan s assessment. The only reason any species are ever vested with legal protections under the ESA at a Federal
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      For what it's worth, I agree entirely with Dan's assessment. The only reason
      any species are ever vested with legal protections under the ESA at a
      Federal Level is because of the dogged and typically repetitious petitions of NGOs
      seeking to preserve wildlife. Indeed, left to its own devices-even under
      purportedly eco-friendly administrations- bureaucrats are invariably and
      inherently loath to assume any new responsibility for anything or engender anything
      approximating controversy. There is currently a backlog of hundreds of
      species-many or most of which merit listing-languishing in the dusty file cabinets
      of the Interior Department while they await jeopardy determinations. USFWS
      claims quite plainly that it is NOT ITS JOB to identify species in need of
      help- but merely to rule on the merits of evidence presented to them by concerned
      Americans. Thus we the aware citizens are the catalyst in a very real way
      for, who, what, when, where and how we save and rehabilitate species. It has
      fallen to us, like it or not. Such is simply the nature of the Beast in our
      strange political era.

      This Federal model for citizen oversight rings true at all levels of
      government. Even assuming, as is likely true, that California is relatively more
      receptive to designations that foster conservation than the Feds, the nature of
      governmental bureaucracies with all their latent and patent shortcomings from
      inadequate funding to comprised decision-making require scrupulous oversight
      by the people who care. Citizen science in the form of field and amateur
      ornithology may not be peer reviewed, but is often the first and sometimes best
      evidence that can help shape and inform a governmental authority's starting
      point in creating a framework for threatened taxa management. Importantly,
      our legal authority to hold our governments responsible is well established. I
      don't see how our role as citizens should fundamentally differ in the
      context of monitoring and restoring California's endangered bird life vs. harassing
      the USFWS under the ESA. It seems just as much an affirmative moral

      Best wishes and Good birding,
      Blake Matheson
      Carmel California and Portland Oregon

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