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Need Help Birding San Diego 2/15-2/18 (sorry last-minute!)

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  • Ken
    Hi, there. My name is Ken Blankenship and I m an avid birder from Georgia. I am coming out there for a last-minute bird-o-thon next weekend; I was too tempted
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2008
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      Hi, there. My name is Ken Blankenship and I'm an avid birder from
      Georgia. I am coming out there for a last-minute bird-o-thon next
      weekend; I was too tempted by a low airfare and I have a friend I
      can stay with.

      I am sending this email hoping a few California birders can give me
      any priorities, tips, places not to go due to the fires, etc. I have
      birded AZ, south TX, and central Mexico so some of the western birds
      will not be lifers... however, I have never been to California (or
      even seen the Pacific Ocean!), so I'm sure I will have some awesome
      adventures and probably at least 25-30 life birds. I have 2 full
      days (pre-dawn until dark) on Sat 2/16 and Sun 2/17, and until late
      afternoon on Mon 2/18. I've jotted down a list of potential life
      birds below... so if you have any suggestions for places to go to
      give me the most "bird bang for my buck" or any other tips I would
      very much appreciate it - some of the spp. below may not be
      appropriate for the season. I have no clue about owling out there,
      either. I have been checking out Mary Beth Stowe's awesome website
      already to give me some ideas.

      Anyway, thanks in advance for any time you have to point me in the
      right direction and if anyone ever comes out this way I'd be happy
      to show you around the birding in our great state as well :)

      Ken Blankenship
      770-317-5819 (cell)
      http://www.wingsoverga.com (my Georgia birding website)

      Black-vented Shearwater*
      Sooty Shearwater*
      Western Grebe
      Clark's Grebe
      Pelagic Cormorant*
      Brandt's Cormorant*
      Blue-footed Booby*
      Cinnamon Teal
      Eurasian Wigeon*
      White-tailed Kite*
      Ferruginous Hawk
      Golden Eagle*
      Prairie Falcon*
      California Quail
      Mountain Quail
      Pacific Golden Plover*
      Black Oyster Catcher*
      Black Turnstone
      Wandering Tattler

      (A note on gulls and terns - I'm pretty good with them, but they are
      lower priority if it means I would need to have a great amount of
      practice or experience to make positive ID's and/or sacrifice a more
      productive area in order to see a good selection of them. I do have
      a pretty good camera so I could snap shots of "weird" birds and ID
      them later, however.)

      Thayer's Gull
      Glaucous-winged Gull*
      Western Gull
      California Gull
      Heermann's Gull
      Mew Gull*
      Elegant Tern*

      Common Murre*
      Spotted Dove*
      Red-crowned Parrot**
      Red-masked Parakeet**
      Long-eared Owl*
      Burrowing Owl*
      Fammulated Owl*
      Western Screech Owl*
      Vaux's Swift*
      Costa's Hummingbird*
      Lewis' Woodpecker*
      Red-breasted Sapsucker*
      Red-naped Sapsucker*
      Nuttall's Woodpecker
      White-headed Woodpecker*
      Western Scrub Jay
      Oak Titmouse
      California Gnatcatcher
      Mountain Bluebird
      Varied Thrush*
      Bendire's Thrasher*
      California Thrasher
      Crissal Thrasher*
      LeConte's Thrasher
      Sage Thrasher*
      California Towhee
      Sage Sparrow (either sub sp.)
      Black-chinned Sparrow*
      Brewer's Sparrow
      Belding's Savannah Sparrow*
      Large-billed Savannah Sparrow*
      Golden-crowned Sparrow
      Fox Sparrow spp. (we only get red out here)
      Dark-eyed Junco (we only get slate-colored out here)
      Western Meadowlark
      Tri-colored Blackbird
      Lawrence's Goldfinch*
      Cassin's Finch*

      * = I assume these are long shots, maybe even impossible in Feb?
      ** = Are these native or introduced? Are they considered regular
      birds on the CA list?
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