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Int'l Bird Rescue & Research Center - Firgatebird Update

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  • torusert
    The Frigatebird remains in critical care with the professional staff at the International Bird Rescue in Cordelia in charge around the clock. As of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2008
      The Frigatebird remains in "critical care" with the professional staff
      at the International Bird Rescue in Cordelia in charge around the
      clock. As of this time (2:30 on Tuesday), there has been no positive
      identification of the species as the veterinarian and staff working
      with the bird have determined that it is not physically stable enough
      to withstand extensive handling/scrutiny at this time. More on this
      when it happens. The birds temp has dropped to 100 and continues to be
      tube fed a fish slurry which includes Ensure. The blood work
      indicates significant weakness in several categories. Dehydration
      remains an issue.

      We also arranged for Betty Burridge of RROS and Tom Whitman of SRBR,
      who were both involved with the inter-agency coordination to join with
      Jay Holcomb, Exec. Director, to meet and speak with the TV and print
      media. They also saw, first hand, the Frigatebird being care for as
      well as the dozen other seabirds species damaged from this recent
      storm that are in good care. No cameras or journalist were allowed
      near the Frigatebird. Every effort is being made to save all of these
      birds and return them to their proper environment in do time. It is a
      tough time for all wildlife with these cold gusting winds and driving
      rain. Other victims of the storms in rehab at IBRRC include Western,
      Eared and Horned Grebes, Murres and Fulmars. The storms is creating
      problems for small ducks like Ruddy ducks, Buffleheads, Goldeneyes,
      Surf Scoters, and Greater Scaups, whose legs are far back on their
      bodies which creates problems when they become displaced.

      The major local networks will be presenting segments with interviews
      tonight as well as several area newspapers that choose to cover bird
      related stories. Here's the press release link on the Frigatebird:

      Tom Rusert
      IBRRC Outreach &
      Release Team
      Cordelia, CA.
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