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Re: RFI: Southern Cal Target Birds

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  • Daniel S. Cooper
    Scott, I d actually focus on the Imperial Valley/Salton Sea. That s probably the best place for 4 of your 5 targets (check archives of the Inland County
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2008

      I'd actually focus on the Imperial Valley/Salton Sea. That's
      probably the best place for 4 of your 5 targets (check archives of
      the "Inland County Birds" listserv).

      You might even find the 5th (Spotted Dove) en route: at least until
      about 2000, there was a small population in a little cemetery in
      Beaumont on the south side of I-10 east of San Bernardino. I believe
      it's at the southern end of Pennsylvania Ave., which is an exit
      (westbound only) just east of the Hwy. 79/Beaumont Ave. exit.

      Otherwise, your best bet would be the East L.A./Huntington Park
      area. I posted this in response to these questions a while back:

      Just check any of the green patches on that map south of I-10. Note
      that this is an inner city area, so use good judgment.

      And no, I wouldn't expect to find a Sulid in the area right now.

      Good luck,

      Dan Cooper
      Los Angeles

      --- In CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com, Scott Spangenberg
      <scottspangenberg@...> wrote:
      > I am going to be in Newport Beach on January 9-16 for a business
      > trip, and would be interested in any advice I might get on
      > for recent sightings of certain target species. I have birded
      > California many times over the years, but only a handful of times
      > the greater LA area. I have the ABA guide of course, but species
      > sometimes favor different spots year to year. The following
      > are of special interest:
      > Mountain Plover
      > Chestnut-collared Longspur
      > McCown's Longspur
      > Spotted Dove
      > Yellow-footed Gull
      > The first four have more or less been nemesis birds for me.
      > I'm planning on taking some time after the business concludes, and
      > am considering scooting out to Obsidian Butte and the Salton Sea,
      > I included the gull. My understanding is that all of the Sulids
      > would be rarest at this time of year. Is that correct?
      > Scott Spangenberg
      > Amherst, NH
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