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Tropical Kingbird in Hayward , Alameda County

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  • Richard Cimino
    FYI If you planning to seek out the Snow Bunting
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2007
      FYI > If you planning to seek out the Snow Bunting <
      The continued presents of the Tropical King Bird in Hayward , Alameda
      County earlier this week by Bob Richmond continues.
      The TKB can be found by exiting HY880 @ Winton Ave driving west.
      Winton Ave ends near SFBay at the Hayward Regional Shoreline Park.
      Park B4 entering the formal parking lot.
      You'll see a channel to the east bordered by a corporate yard to the north.
      Yesterday the TKB was seen on the fence and on the telephone cable near the
      trees, as well under the trees on a pile of dead brush.
      The channel has closed flow control gates the birds was feeding off an
      insect hatch in the stagnant water.

      Richard Cimino
      Alameda County
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