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Fwd: [MBB] Laguna Grande vagrant flycatchers, warblers

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  • Steve Rovell
    Hi - I didn t notice this message sent out on Calbirds, so I am forwarding it now. Basically, an Old World Flycatcher was found at Laguna Grande Park, Seaside
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2007
      Hi -

      I didn't notice this message sent out on Calbirds, so I am forwarding
      it now. Basically, an Old World Flycatcher was found at Laguna
      Grande Park, Seaside (Monterey County) Sunday morning but not
      refound. It is still up in the air as to what species of flycatcher
      it is, although the name Mugimaki Flycatcher was mentioned by some.
      Some, I'm sure, are still working on the ID as I write. It would be
      nice to have more than about a dozen birders looking for it tomorrow.
      There is a lot of habitat at Laguna Grande.

      Laguna Grande Park is easy to get to from Highway 1. Take the Canyon
      del Rey exit (you will see the Embassy Suites). Turn away from the
      ocean and follow past the 'Suites. You will notice a park (with
      lake) on the right. There is a hard to see entrance just east of a
      small Russian Orthodox Church. Turn there. Below the parking lot
      you will see the extensive willow patch.

      For those coming from some other direction, find it on your map
      between Fremont (on the east), Canyon del Rey (on the north), Virgin
      or Casanova (on the south) and Del Monte (on the west).

      Hope to see you there.

      Steve Rovell
      Marina, CA

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      > From: Don Roberson <creagrus@...>
      > Date: September 30, 2007 5:32:19 PM PDT
      > To: mbb <mbb@...>
      > Subject: [MBB] Laguna Grande vagrant flycatchers, warblers
      > This morning Tim Amaral and his wife Kris found what may have been
      > an Old World flycatcher along the creek just south of the grassy
      > lawns next to the Russian church at Laguna Grande. This spot has
      > had many vagrants in the past (e.g., Scarlet Tanager). He called
      > Rita and me, among others, and we searched for the next 4 hours
      > with a variety of other birders. We did not refind the potential
      > Old World flycatcher. More info from Tim is on the Monterey BirdBox
      > (626-6605).
      > The willows along the creek are quite extensive but this is an oft-
      > used camp by the homeless. There are informal trails through the
      > willows, some very disgusting spots, and some nice birding areas. I
      > usually don't feel safe enough to venture into the thickets alone
      > but today, with many birders present, that worked fine. There is a
      > "swamp" in the center of the willow thicket were the creek has
      > created pools recalling the Louisiana bayous.
      > With many folks searching, however, many vagrants were found, but
      > no one saw them all. I am aware of the following species:
      > Least Flycatcher 1 -- best seen over the "swamp" (where photo'd)
      > but ranged more widely. Initially glimpsed by Tanner and then Todd
      > Easterla, at different parts of willow thicket, and refound by me
      > at the 'swamp' and, as he got there first, Larry Rose. Was heard to
      > give a 'whit' call.
      > Tennessee Warbler 1-- TAmaral in morning
      > Blackpoll Warbler 2 or 3 -- Easterlas had one west of 'swamp,'
      > while many of us had another well to the east, at the east end of
      > the lawn in a flock in the oaks, and then B.L.Sullivan had two
      > Blackpolls here.
      > Palm Warbler 1 -- TAmaral in morning
      > N. Waterthrush 1 -- found by TEasterla west end of thicket, later
      > heard by others in 'swamp'
      > Indigo Bunting 1 -- at east end of entire park, and east end of
      > willow patch; a brown imm photo'd
      > Rose-breasted Grosbeak 1 -- imm in morning by TAmaral
      > White-throated Sparrow 1 -- giving a half-song vocalization in
      > center of willow patch
      > There were also a collection of western migrants, including W Wood
      > Pewee, Pac-slope Fly, RC Kinglet, Cedar Waxwing, Black-throated
      > Gray W, many Yellow Warbler, C.Yellowthroat, Laz Bunting, GC Sparrow.
      > Those present included T & K Amaral, Todd & Tanner Easterla, Fritz
      > Steurer, Brian Sullivan, Brian Weed, Bob Tintle, Steve Rovell,
      > Larry & Carole Rose, Rita Carratello and me.
      > I may not have heard about every species, so this may not be
      > complete. The area had been birded yesterday with zilch found. It
      > is interesting to consider what is found when many birders converge
      > on one spot together.
      > Don Roberson
      > Pacific Grove CA
      > http://montereybay.com/creagrus/
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