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Egyptian Goose previously seen in Fresno area

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  • SiriusGuy@aol.com
    Jamie Mullin reports that while:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2007
      Jamie Mullin reports that while:

      <<boating and birding on Lake Don Pedro (from Moccasin Point) I encountered
      an unknown waterfowl. I took about 100 photos and this morning was able to ID
      it properly. It is an Egyptian Goose>>

      I have a record of seeing one on January 2, 2004 along the shores of the
      lake in Woodward Park, in north Fresno. Needless to say it was VERY different
      than the Graylag geese there. I probably used the small illustration on the
      bottom of Sibley Western, p. 65, to confirm. My presumption of course was
      that it was an escaped exotic, rather like the Black Swan I have also seen in
      this area (the bird, NOT the Australian chardonnay!), or the Mute Swan. Perhaps
      someone else from this area can comment further.

      Alan Birnbaum
      Fresno CA

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