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Re: [SDBIRDS] San Diego, CA Rare Bird Alert, 28 Jun 07

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  • MiriamEagl@aol.com
    Hi, all! Just
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2007
      Hi, all!

      <<Purple Finch, #, 6/28/07, Sandia Creek, parking area for Santa
      Margarita Trail, ca 1 mi, down from Deluz Rd & Sandia Creek Rd:
      Stowe, M. B.>>

      Just wanted to clarify the Purple Finch sightings: I had three individuals
      along the course of the loop, the first being encountered past the nursery on
      De Luz Road and near an area where there's a lot of farming-type buildings.
      Had another one past where De Luz actually veers right and my loop goes
      straight, and another one along the dirt portion of the road. Last month the one
      bird I had was in the residential portion in Riverside County.

      Take care,


      Mary Beth Stowe
      San Diego, CA
      _www.miriameaglemon.com_ (http://www.miriameaglemon.com/)

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