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Re: [CALBIRDS] Anna's Hummingbird in trouble?

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  • B & C Yutzy
    We see a bird with a broken or uncloseable bill every few years at our feeders and we would say the prognosis doesn t seem good. However, that said, Anna s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2007
      We see a bird with a broken or "uncloseable" bill every few years at our
      feeders and we would say the prognosis doesn't seem good. However, that
      said, Anna's and other hummers primary food is insects - not sugar
      water. So if your bird can still catch insects, which many birds in
      this condition can do - it has a chance.

      Bob & Carol Yutzy
      Shasta, CA

      Jamie wrote:
      > I have a particular young Anna's Hummer at my feeders in my first
      > batch of Juveniles for the summer and I noticed an odd sound coming
      > from one of them. Not a typical anna's pitch, I though it was a
      > different species at first. I have been watching him/her throughout
      > the day and here is what I have observed: Defends one particular
      > feeder, hanging on the living room window always in the shade,
      > ruthlessly. All he/she does is sit there or defend it, he is always
      > there every time I look. I have not seen him drink the nectar yet. I
      > can get right up at the window and he does not move, he looks
      > curiously but never acts like he is going to fly away. I know these
      > little guys have a fast heart beat but while watching him, just
      > sitting there for hours, he seems as if his little heart is working
      > overtime. ***The real problem I have found out why he sounds
      > different from the other juveniles is there is something wrong with
      > his little beak. It appears as if the lower bill is smashed a little
      > maybe even a small break right in the center. This is causing him to
      > always have his mouth slightly open thus making it impossible to feed
      > at the feeders. Is there anything I can do to help him feed. I have
      > put out little dishes of nectar on the railing but so far he does not
      > seem interested. I could use the drill to enlarge the feeding holes
      > in that feeder, does anyone think it would work?
      > Thanks
      > Jamie Mullin
      > Groveland, CA

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