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San Diego, CA Rare Bird Alert, 8 June 2007

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  • Michael Evans
    - San Diego, CA RBA [RARE BIRD ALERT] * California * San Diego * June 8, 2007 * CASD 6.8.07 - Birds mentioned: ____________________ Brown Booby Reddish Egret
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2007
      - San Diego, CA RBA [RARE BIRD ALERT]

      * California
      * San Diego
      * June 8, 2007
      * CASD 6.8.07

      - Birds mentioned:

      Brown Booby
      Reddish Egret
      Black Oystercatcher
      Glaucous Gull
      Pigeon Guillemot
      Band-tailed Pigeon
      **Chimney Swift
      Allen's Hummingbird
      White-headed Woodpecker
      Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
      Gray Vireo
      Purple Martin
      *Nutmeg Mannikin
      Sage Sparrow
      Northern Parula
      Black-and-white Warbler
      Scott's Oriole

      - Transcript

      Hotline: San Diego County, California
      Date: June 8, 2007
      Number: (619) 688-2473 [619-NUT-BIRD]
      Compiler: Michael Evans, mailto:muevans@...

      For directions to many of the locations listed here,
      See Thomas Brothers Map Book for San Diego County, or

      Eight Page List of SD County Birding Locale Maps on Internet (new,


      See also:

      See also:

      See also (req SDBirds Log-on):

      For Current County Checklist (req SDBirds Log-on):


      Brown Booby, 1 (Imm), 6/5/07, Pacific Ocean, La Jolla Cove:
      Sadowski, Matt

      Reddish Egret, 1, 6/2/07, San Diego Bay NWR, South Bay Marine Bio
      Area study area: Edwards, Claude

      Black Oystercatcher, 3, 6/2/07, San Diego Bay, Zuniga Jetty
      (restricted access): Parker, Dennis

      Glaucous Gull, 1(Hyb), 6/2/07, Peñasquitos Lagoon mouth (inside),
      Torrey Pines State Beach: Smith, Susan

      Pigeon Guillemot, 4, 6/4/07, Pacific Ocean, La Jolla Cove: Walens,
      & 1, 6/6/07, Pacific Ocean, La Jolla Cove: Puschock, John
      & 1, 6/8/07, Pacific Ocean, La Jolla Children's pool: Altman, Eitan

      Band-tailed Pigeon, 1, 6/3/07, Point Loma residential area (J.
      Morgan): Morgan, John

      Chimney Swift, 4, 6/3/07, San Elijo Lagoon, SE-end, from Santa Helena
      Road trail head: Waters, Tory & Hunefeld, T.
      & 1, 6/4/07, same locale, Smith, S.
      & 1, 6/5/07, same locale, Ginsburg, P.
      & 1, 6/5/07, Poway, NE-part: Rogers, Geoff R.

      Allen's Hummingbird, 2 (M+F), 6/7/07, Fallbrook residential area (K.
      Weaver) feeder: Weaver, Ken

      White-headed Woodpecker, 1, 6/3/07, Cuyamaca Rancho SP, Paso Picacho
      campground: Edwards, Claude

      Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, 1, 6/3/07, Navy Outlying Field
      (helicopter), adj to Tijuana Estuary NWR, S-5th & Iris Sts, Imperial
      Beach, near Burrowing Owl signs: Malcarne, Vanessa L.

      Gray Vireo, 4, 6/2/07, Laguna Mtns, Kitchen Creek Rd, above Cibbets
      Flat campground, about 1 mi beyond closed gate & Sheep Mountain, hang-
      glide road: Edwards, Claude

      Purple Martin, 1, 6/6/07, Anza Borrego Desert SP, S-2, near Carrizo
      Crk turnoff: Stowe, M. B.

      *Nutmeg Mannikin, #, 6/5/07, San Elijo Lagoon, from El Camino Real
      trail head: Stowe, M. B.

      Sage Sparrow, 1, 6/2/07, Cabrillo Nat. Mon., near lighthouse:
      Roberts, Jim
      & 1, 6/3/07, Cabrillo Nat. Mon., near lighthouse: Unitt, Phil

      Northern Parula, 1, 6/5/07, San Elijo Lagoon, SE-end, from Santa
      Helena Road trail head: Hazard, Gjon

      Black-and-white Warbler, 1, 6/2/07, Point Loma residential area,
      Silvergate St, near Dupont: Ginsburg, P.

      Scott's Oriole, 1 (M), 6/3/07, Cuyamaca Rancho SP, near Cuyamaca Peak
      summit: Edwards, Claude

      Send reports on California Bird Record Committee
      Review Species sightings to:

      Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275


      Send local rarity descriptions to:

      Elizabeth Copper, Subregional Field Notes Editor

      mailto: ebcopper@...

      End transcript

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