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California Horned Puffin Count--9 June (Saturday)

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  • Brian Sullivan
    Calbirders Well it looks like we ve got roughly 50 people heading out to count Horned Puffins this weekend along the California coast. It should be a good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2007
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      Well it looks like we've got roughly 50 people heading out to count Horned
      Puffins this weekend along the California coast. It should be a good time!
      Some areas that still need coverage are the Bay area, Orange County, any of
      the southern Channel Islands, and Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Please
      email me if you can get out to these areas (or anywhere you'd like to cover,
      the more the merrier!). In Monterey at least, the birds have favored rocky
      shorelines and points, with few found along sandy beaches locally. That
      said, these beaches are worth checking as I've seen several Ancient
      Murrelets offshore lately in these areas.

      I've posted details about the count on the new California eBird page (
      www.ebird.org/California). This new application is sponsored by Audubon
      California and PRBO Conservation Science and should serve the needs of
      California birders better than the primary eBird application. It has
      California-specific functionality such as the ability to record habitat
      types and California IBA input/output. Also the content on the home page is
      administered by Audubon CA and PRBO so it should be of more local interest.
      The CA-specific functionality will grow as we create more local
      specializations for the eBird portals.

      If you're already an eBird user the new California eBird is fully integrated
      with the main site so that all your observations will appear in both, and
      all of your lists and effort on "My eBird" will be the same in both. Use
      your existing log in and password if prompted. Data flows freely between
      this new application and all other eBird portals. I've attached the press
      release below (scroll down) if you're interested.

      Thanks, and good luck finding puffins!

      Brian L. Sullivan
      eBird Project Leader
      Photographic Editor,
      Birds of North America Online
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology
      159 Sapsucker Woods Rd.
      Ithaca, NY 14850

      Photographic Editor,
      North American Birds
      American Birding Association


      * *


      * *

      *California** eBird Unites Birders, Citizens, and Scientists for

      A premier online bird observation program has been developed for birders and
      citizens in California! Audubon California, PRBO Conservation Science, and
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology have partnered to create California eBird, a
      real-time online bird observation checklist program tailored for use by
      Californians. eBird has revolutionized the way that people can report and
      access information about birds. California eBird provides a quick and easy
      way for birders, citizens, and scientists to enter their bird observations
      into a common database accessible to those working to protect and restore
      habitats for birds in California.

      Launched in 2002 by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society,
      eBird provides scientists with rich data sources for basic information on
      numbers and distribution of birds across large geographic scales and
      throughout time. For citizens and birders, eBird provides on-line birding
      checklists to keep track of your observations at multiple sites, accessible
      at any time from your home computer. Bird sightings are safely stored in
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology's database.

      California eBird takes the standard eBird site and brings the user
      information specific to California. With this site, we hope to encourage
      more birders, students, citizens, and scientists to contribute bird
      sightings through eBird. This will help us learn more about bird
      distribution and abundance throughout the state. If you are looking for a
      place to make bird observations, we encourage you to select one of the
      Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in California, keep track of your sightings, and
      enter your records (for a list of IBAs go to www.ca.audubon.org/iba). Or,
      you can choose your own favorite birding site or "hot spot" using the
      interactive Google maps provided. We have added California habitat types so
      that you can provide information on the kinds of habitats you are birding
      in. You can also select any IBA site and learn about the birds others have
      seen at the site, times of year, abundances, and more. With your help, we
      can begin to paint a complete picture of how birds are distributed across
      the diverse California landscape and track what changes may be occurring in
      the future.

      Visit the California eBird website (www.ebird.org/California) to read timely
      information on birds and birding news in California and try entering some
      bird data!

      *Contact Information:*

      Andrea Jones, Audubon California: 805-772-1991, ajones@...

      Melissa Pitkin, PRBO Conservation Science: 707-781-2555 ext. 307,

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