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Deepwater Pelagic July 21 sponsored by Los Angeles Audubon

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  • toddamcgrath
    Birders, The Los Angeles Audubon Society is sponsoring a special pelagic for July 21st out of Santa Barbara. July is an exciting time for rarities off CA, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2007

      The Los Angeles Audubon Society is sponsoring a special pelagic for
      July 21st out of Santa Barbara. July is an exciting time for rarities
      off CA, and we have secured the services of the ultra-fast Condor
      Express to take us well offshore, to the 2000 fathom area around the
      San Juan Seamount. Normally the Condor Express is busy with whale
      watching this time of year, but they have set aside this date for us
      during their peak season. There is no guarantee that we will be able
      to offer this trip again, and we need to fill the trip in the next
      few weeks to ensure it will go. The cost of the trip is $198, with
      the possibility of a $5 or $10 fuel surcharge, depending on prices in
      July (We did not charge this surcharge in April). Instructions for
      signing up are at the end of the message.

      July is the peak month for Cook's Petrels in SoCal and northern Baja,
      and we will looking in areas where this species has occured. In
      additon, a number of other rarities such as Dark-rumped Petrel and
      Stejneger's Petrel have also been recorded at this time of year,
      despite very limited coverage.

      There is also a chance that some of the alcids currently being
      recorded will linger into July (We had 7 Parakeet Auklets on this
      trip in April).

      Full details of the trip are noted below, and I hope you will think
      about joining us. July is a great month for pelagic rarities, and the
      Condor Express is a wonderful boat with a large comfortable cabin and
      excellent galley serving full meals and snacks.

      Please contact me at SKUA@... if you have any questions about the

      This trip departs from the Santa Barbara Harbor on the fast catamaran
      Condor Express at 7:00 a.m. and will return approximately by 8:00
      p.m. We will cruise along the deep water shelf by the San Juan
      Seamount. This time of year Cook's Petrels and Red-billed Tropicbirds
      are seen in this area, and this is an ideal time to look for mega-
      rarities such as Dark-rumped and Stejneger's petrels; as well as
      Wedge-rumped Storm-petrel. Other birds expected/possible include:
      Black-footed Albatross, Pink-footed and Sooty shearwaters; Leach's,
      Ashy and Black storm-petrels; Cormorants(3); South Polar Skua; Pigeon
      Guillemot; Common Murre; Xantus and Craveri's murrelets; Cassin's


      Reservations will be accepted ONLY if ALL the following information
      is supplied:

      1) Trip desired

      2) Names of people in your party

      3) Phone numbers: (a) usual and (b) evening before event, in case of

      4) Separate check (no cash please) to LAAS for exact amount for each

      5) Self-addressed stamped envelope for confirmation and associated
      trip information.

      Send to:

      Los Angeles Audubon Society - Reservations

      PO Box 931057

      Los Angeles, CA 90093-1057

      If there is insufficient response, the trip will be cancelled four
      weeks prior to the scheduled date. You will be so notified and your
      fee returned. Your cancellation after that time will bring a refund
      only if there is a paid replacement.


      If a participant cancels 31 days or more prior to departure, a $5
      service charge will be deducted from the refund. There is no
      participant refund if requested fewer than 30 days before departure,
      unless there is a paid replacement available. Call LAAS for a
      possible replacement. Please do not offer the trip to a friend as it
      would be unfair to those on the waiting list. All pelagic trips must
      be filled 35 days prior to sailing. Please reserve early.

      Millie Newton is available at Audubon House 323-876-0202 on
      Wednesdays from noon to 4:00 PM to answer questions about field
      trips. Our office staff is also available Tuesday through Saturday
      for most reservation services.

      I hope you can join us on what I hope will be a memorable trip.

      Todd McGrath
      Marina Del Rey, CA
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