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Sound Recording Workshop --June 9-16, 2007 Tahoe National Forest

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  • Mary Guthrie
    THANKS TO CALBIRDS FOR ALLOWING THIS ONE-TIME POST FROM A NOT-FOR-PROFIT Direct questions to Tammy Bishop, Macaulay Library, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology,
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      Direct questions to Tammy Bishop, Macaulay Library, Cornell
      Laboratory of Ornithology, (607) 254-2198, fx (607) 254-2439, e-
      mail: tlb26@....


      June 9 - June 16, 2007

      Our workshop runs from June 9 through June 16 at San Francisco State
      University (SFSU) Sierra Nevada Research Station in the Tahoe
      National Forest. The station, at 6,000 feet amid Ponderosa and
      Jeffrey pines, affords a wide range of recording conditions in
      spectacular surroundings.

      Learn state-of-the-art techniques for recording the sounds of
      wildlife with experts from the Laboratory's Macaulay Library. Topics
      to be covered include the selection and application of audio
      recorders and microphones, recording theory, metering, recording
      techniques, and documentation for sound recordings. The course
      includes daily field recording sessions and lecture/discussions.
      Unique to this course is the use of microcomputer-based software to
      analyze the recordings and to investigate microphone and recorder

      Your instructors will be Greg Budney, Curator of the Macaulay
      Library; Randolph Little, Laboratory Associate with extensive
      recording experience; and David S. Herr, another experienced recordist.


      For those flying to the course, we suggest that participants fly into
      the Reno, Nevada Airport. We will provide ground transportation from
      Reno to the Sierra Nevada Field Campus on the morning of Saturday,
      June 9th. Those who choose other final airport destinations must
      arrange transportation to the SFSU Field Campus on their own and at
      their own expense. As airline flight delays and cancellations are not
      uncommon, participants are strongly encouraged fly into Reno on
      Friday, June 8th. La Quinta Inn is one-quarter mile from the airport
      (they have shuttle service to the airport) and is, therefore, very
      convenient. If you would like to make a reservation there, the inn's
      phone number is 800-531-5900. Contact our office if you are
      interested in sharing a room and we will put you in contact with
      another interested participant. We will make a single run from the
      Field Campus to pick up air travelers in Reno on Saturday June 9th.
      There are two pick-up points, the Reno airport at 9:30 AM and the La
      Quinta Inn Reno at 10:00 AM. Individuals who do not stay at the
      selected hotel may meet the group at one of the two pick-up points.

      When making your flight reservations, please arrange for a return
      flight on the 16th at 11:00am or later. Due to packing and driving
      time, arriving at the airport in time to make a flight earlier than
      11:00 am is difficult.


      The weather at the Field Campus is typically mild, with the slight
      chance of precipitation. The temperature will vary between 40 degrees
      at night (sometimes dropping below freezing) and 90 degrees during
      the day. Please make sure your sleeping bag will keep you warm at
      these nighttime temperatures and that you have appropriate sleepwear.
      Cold temperatures will prevail early in the morning, so participants
      should plan on bringing a jacket and/or sweater. Plan to wear layers
      of warm clothing so that layers can be removed, as the temperature
      warms considerably over the course of the morning. Some locations
      will still have snow on the ground. You may wish to bring a second
      pair of shores as backup to footwear that has become wet. A light
      pair of gloves is useful for taking the morning chill off one's hands.


      Each day we will depart at 5:10AM from the Field Campus to drive to
      our day's recording site. Coffee, tea, milk, and baked items will be
      available at 4:55. A breakfast of cold cereal, milk, fruit, yogurt,
      etc. is provided in the field. We will record for approximately four
      hours each morning, then return to the Field Campus for a lecture and
      have tape-critiquing time in the afternoon. This schedule will alter
      slightly over the duration of the workshop - lecture sessions are
      longer at the workshop's beginning and gradually give way to more
      time for recording and critiquing.


      Accommodations are rustic but comfortable. Lodging will be tents on
      platforms (mattresses are provided); the main lodge houses dining and
      bathing facilities.


      The workshop fee is $895 (includes tuition, class materials, ground
      transportation, food, and lodging). Enrollment is primarily based on
      a first-come first-served basis, with first consideration to students
      and researchers. A non-refundable $100 deposit to reserve a space.
      Participation is limited to 20.

      Participants may register for two college credit hours through the
      San Francisco State University's Biology Department. If interested,
      see Jim Steele at the field campus after you arrive. He will have a
      form for you to fill out and will take your payment at that time.

      For more details, write or call Tammy Bishop, Macaulay Library,
      Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca,
      New York 14850; ph (607) 254-2198, fx (607) 254-2439, e-mail:

      Mary Guthrie
      Production Manager
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology
      Macaulay Library
      159 Sapsucker Woods Road
      Ithaca, New York, 14850 USA
      FAX: 607-254-2439

      The Mission of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
      "To interpret and conserve the Earth's biological diversity through
      research, education, and citizen science focused on birds."

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