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Common Murre rescue

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  • Jamie
    Common Murre Story Last Weekend I was on a birding adventure along the coast from Santa Cruz to Monterey. I was excited to see many new species for my life
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2007
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      Common Murre Story

      Last Weekend I was on a birding adventure along the coast from Santa
      Cruz to Monterey. I was excited to see many new species for my life
      list, as I am a fairly new birder (1 year on earth day!). I just
      wanted to share the story from this last weekend about my experiences
      with the Common Murre.

      I am very big on savings animals' lives whenever the opportunity
      falls my way. I have rescued several wildlife species including CA
      Quail (adult just a few weeks ago and young (not flying yet) last
      summer), squirrels, rabbits, opossums, kittens, ect.. It seems that
      wherever I go I always find that one animal that needs help. I go out
      of my way in any means necessary to save the life of an animal.

      Ok, last SUNDAY I was down on the beach at moss Landing and noticed a
      bird sitting on the beach about 50 feet from the water's edge. I am a
      HUGE wildlife photographer so I took the opportunity to snap some
      shots of this bird I had not yet identified. A few minutes later a
      group of young men cam walking by and walked right up towards the
      bird on the sand. I told them not to scare it I wanted a few more
      photos and they said it had been there all morning and had not moved.
      They walked right up to it and touched it! I was horrified.

      I immediately went into life saving mode and emptied my camera bag.
      They were very nice guys and helped me to quickly and quietly
      relocate the un-moving bird into my camera bag. The bird was pretty
      alert and thrashed around a bit but we could not get it to fly or
      even walk away. I had not yet discovered the complex life of this
      species. I drove everywhere in moss landing trying to get some kind
      of guidance as to where I could take this beautiful bird for some
      help. I finally located the SPCA in Monterey and the lady agreed to
      meet me and take the Murre off my hands.

      She told me this: This Murre was the 5th one she had rescued (from
      Monterey County alone) this weekend so far and that food was in very
      high demand and a lot of these common sea birds were starving. They
      loose energy and get beached (much like a sick whale does) and since
      they do not have the ability/energy to walk on land this guy could
      no longer get back to the sea where he belonged. This Murre was one
      of the lucky guy's that weekend and will be taken to a rehabilitation
      center and eventually set free. He looked very good and has an
      excellent chance and re-release in the near future.

      I just wanted to share will all the birders along the coast
      especially the shore bound birders for this summer. She said food
      will be very scarce and that there will be numerous species without
      food. IF you see such birds as this please call the local SPCA or
      wild-life agency so that these species that will be in short food
      supply this summer have a fighting chance.

      Jamie Mullin
      Groveland, CA

      Ps. A photo of the Murre can be viewed on my groups (backyard
      birding) homepage.
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