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RBA, San Diego, CA Jan 4, 2002

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  • Michael U. Evans
    - RBA * California * San Diego * January 4, 2002 * CASD020104 - Birds mentioned: MASKED BOOBY REDDISH EGRET Little Blue Heron Wood Stork Ross s Goose Eurasian
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2002
      - RBA

      * California
      * San Diego
      * January 4, 2002
      * CASD020104

      - Birds mentioned:

      Little Blue Heron
      Wood Stork
      Ross's Goose
      Eurasian Wigeon
      Pacific Golden Plover
      Vermilion Flycatcher
      Black-and-white Warbler
      Summer Tanager

      - Transcript

      Hotline: San Diego County, California
      Date: January 4, 2002
      Number: (619) 688-2473 [619-NUT-BIRD]
      Compiler: Michael Evans, mailto:muevans@...

      For directions to many of the locations listed here,
      See Thomas Brothers Map Book for San Diego County, or

      See also: http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/%7Ejmorlan/sd.htm

      For archive of Reports (since second half, 1999), see:

      For Excel Spreadsheet of details of first half of year 2001 reports,
      download from:


      MASKED BOOBY, 1 (sub-ad?), 12/30/01-1/4/02, La Jolla Cove, cave area
      pelican roost
      ****[I-5 to W-on Ardith Rd (joins Torrey Pines Rd to the W), R-on
      Prospect St, R-Coast Blvd; park at Old Shell shop (closed) or farther
      down in parking area; pelican roost is N-of beach access point; you
      may have to walk over to fenced observation area (or N-along trail)
      to see bird, depending where it is perched. Bird reported from all
      periods of day; may frequently leave roost to forage in ocean.]

      REDDISH EGRET, 1, 12/29/01, Mission Bay, Kendall-Frost Preserve & 1
      (Ad), 1/1/02, San Diego R Floodway, W-end

      LITTLE BLUE HERON, 2, 1/3/02, Famosa Slough (S-West Point Loma Blvd)

      WOOD STORK, 1, 12/29/01, San Diego Wild Animals Park, E-Escondido

      ROSS'S GOOSE, 1, 12/29/01, 12/31/01, 1/2/02, 1/3/02, Mission Bay,
      Kendall-Frost Preserve or near Hilton Hotel (W-Campland Resort &
      mouth of Rose Creek inlet) & 12/29/01, San Pasqual Vly, Santa Isabel
      Crk Rd (E-Escondido)

      EURASIAN WIGEON, 1 (M), 12/29/01, 1/1/02-1/3/02, San Diego R
      Floodway, near Sea World, or near E - or W- end, depending on tide

      HARLEQUIN DUCK, 1 (M), 12/29/01, 12/30/02, 1/1/02-1/03/02, extreme NE
      part of Mission Bay, De Anza Cove Harbor Resort pier or
      boat-launching ramp (from N Mission Bay drive and De Anza Rd); also
      reported from San Diego R Floodway, far E-end, N-side

      LONG-TAILED DUCK, 1 (F), 12/31/01, San Diego R Floodway, extreme
      E-end, from N-frontage rd

      ZONE-TAILED HAWK, 1, 12/29/01, Escondido, Oak Hill Cemetery

      PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER, 1, 1/3/02, San Dieguito R -mouth & 1, 1/3/02,
      Tijuana R Estuary mouth

      VERMILION FLYCATCHER, 1 (M), 12/29/01, Lindo Lake, Lakeside, NE-end
      Lake [S-State Route 67 & Mapleview St]

      BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, 1, F, 12/29/01, Escondido, Kit Carson Park,
      willows S-Arroyo del Oro picnic area [E-Bear Valley Parkway]

      SUMMER TANAGER, 1, 1/1/02, La Jolla Cove, commercial area

      SCOTT'S ORIOLE, 1, 12/29/01, Pamo Vly, near Pamo Vly Rd & Carney Cyn Rd

      Send reports on California Bird Record Committee
      Review Species sightings to:

      Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275


      Send local rarity descriptions to:

      Elizabeth Copper, Subregional Field Notes Editor


      End transcript

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